Sunday, February 15, 2009

Gencler fail to excite in Eskisehir

Just got off the train from Eskisehir where a small brave group of Gencler fans watched what was perhaps not the most exciting match of the season.

Eskisehir 0 - 0 Genclerbirligi

Match and travel report soon (Once I have some dinner, grab a fag, get a beer and try to remember what actually happened in the last few days).


  1. Oz Kanka tends to exaggerate at times, and this is a classic example !

    With Mrs Oz Kanka (Elif) by his side, how the 'ell can his mind possibly be 'fogged' ??

    I look forward to receiving a clear and concise report of a well won point in Eski's city !!

  2. would like to read some observations about the city as well :)

  3. Anonymous8:37 pm

    You gonna grab a "fag"? HAHAHA

    Dont ever come to US mate. Even if you do, dont use that word. :D

  4. Sorry for the confusion fenerfan, we try to use proper English here.

    And why aren't you an Eskisehir supporter?

  5. Anonymous9:49 pm

    I love British English and their accent, btw. Much more original than the American one.

    Well, I was born and raised in Istanbul. My mom's side is from Eskisehir, and I've been there 2-3 times each year before moving to US of A. Since noone in Turkey is "from" Istanbul, when people ask nerelisin, I say Eskisehir.

  6. I think Fenerli is too shy to answer Oz Kanka's question, so allow me to answer it for him ....

    'My father and uncles supported Fener, so as is normal in Turkey, I followed like a sheep .. baa baa baa !!! However, Eskisehirspor is my SECOND team' !!

    Have got that about right ???

  7. Anonymous4:34 am

    Well, you guys always underline the importance of supporting the "local" team. i was born on the anatolian side of istanbul(maltepe), so fener was my favorite team. :D