Saturday, February 21, 2009

Get out the longjohns

Snow coming down full on here in Ankara which should make for a cold evening tonight as Gencler take on Fenerbahce. After the match, if we haven't been hospitalised with frostbite, we are heading off to a British ales festival, so don't expect a match report until quite late.


  1. Well done, Gençler!!! Hurriyet's headline was "Ankara Nightmare." This victory must have made sitting for over two hours in a frozen, snow covered 19 Mayis Stadium worth it.

  2. hey that's not fair, I am in Libya and I was eagerly waiting for your match report and you're getting drunk instead?!?!? You got a responsibility :)
    But hey, besides the joke, I think you guys deserve it more than anybody else, I can wait for the report a little longer :)

  3. Oh, forgot to mention that the article kind of implied that the artificial turf had an important role to play in the loss for Fenerbahçe. Can you get any lamer than that?