Sunday, March 21, 2010


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Something to celebrate tonight me thinks !

ANKARAGUCU 3 Kayserispor 0

I wasn't so happy yesterday when I saw that Dee-eye-bay-kir and Manisa both won, so today's result is defo a get out of jail for Ankaragucu.

More good news ...... Gencler went to Sivas and won 2-0. Thanks to our brother team and look forward to Oz Kanka's upbeat report later.

All we need to hear now is that Trabzon beat Galatasaray tonight and ..... with apologies to Bellshill Kanka Nadeem ....... that St Mirren beat Rangers in the Scottish League Cup Final !!

Probably Lemerre read Nadeem's team selection on our Blog yesterday ! However, I'll give team news and scorers tomorrow as an edit.

For now ....... let's celebrate (at last) yesssssssssss !

I'm on my balcony and just about to crack open my 2nd Efes wooooopeeee !!

All the best from a relieved Eski Kanka Jim

EDIT - 22 March

Lemerre's team selection was unsurprising and I hope Nadeem will not be too upset that Broggi was omitted !!

Geremi, Koray, Rajnoch and El-Yasa
Mehmet, Hurriyet, Sapara and Rothen
Vassel and Vittek

2nd half subs used - Cihan, Bilal and Adem

As Connect Kanka reported in the comments section, Geremi scored with a penalty on 26 mins, and Vitek scored the other two on 41 and 82 mins.

So, next weekend Ankaragucu will win 3-0 against Ankaraspor !!! Also, if the following results go to form ......

Antalya beat Manisa
Antep beat Sivas
Gencler beat Diyabakir

then ..... Ankaragucu can go EIGHT points clear of 3rd bottom Sivas and Diyabakir.

This will then give Ankaragucu the 'cushion' they need going into the last part of the season and hopefully avoid those nerve jangling last few games when points are do or die !!

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. Connect Kanka5:54 pm

    Goals from Geremi (26') and Vittek (41' , 84')

    Nice to see Vittek getting his act together.

  2. Would have been nice to have seen it. But maybe the fans have been jinxing the team. Hmm...

  3. Even without the fans there was still a fight.

    Bu arada, karşılaşmanın ilk yarısı oynanırken, iki takım yöneticileri arasında sözlü tartışma çıktı.

    İki takım yöneticileri arasında yaşanan tartışmaya önce Enerji ve Tabii Kaynaklar Bakanı Taner Yıldız müdahale etti. Tartışma, Ankaragücü Kulübü Başkanı Ahmet Gökçek’in, Kayserispor Kulübü Başkanı Recep Mamur’un yanına gitmesiyle sona erdi. İki başkan, ilk yarıyı yan yana izledi.

  4. Anonymous9:17 pm

    what a day for me. First of all we beat Kayseri with an excellent win, then Rangers win the Cup with only 9 men lol.

    I think lamerre should be given credit. He has came in and our defence is solid, he is building from the back and if our offence can play like today then we could be on to a winner.

    I always read the Ankaragucu website and one thing ive noticed, is the players and coaches always seem to be having a good time and Ahmet Gockek is always there and looks commited to the club


  5. Anonymous9:33 pm

    Impressive performance, great finsih by vitteck for both goals an good penatly fron Geremi


  6. Anonymous10:33 pm

    Congrats to all in Ankara!A Red Letter Day you might say.2 great results.Well done.Though I just read on the Ankaragucu website that no fans will be allowed into the remainder of the home matches this season!

    Dublin Neil.

  7. Anonymous11:48 pm

    Hello Neil, Are you sure its for the rest of the season ? I couldnt see anything on the main website apart from the one match ban?

    Im supposed to be coming over for the Fenerbahce game


  8. With all due respect to Dublin Neil's command of the Turkish language, I think he may have misread that article.

    That type of punishment would be completely out of order and would be grounds for a civil war between Ankara and Istanbul.

    Let's ask our webmaster Oz Kanka to check it out and report back.

  9. Yep, the ban was only for that one match. My bet is though that more bans will hit soon, especially with Nadeem coming to stir up trouble.

    (Oz ducks)

  10. Anonymous9:07 pm

    Sorry guys,it was only sarcasim!The lowest form of wit,I know.You all missed the exclamation mark at the end of my previous post.Sorry for the confusion I created,especially to Nadeem.It looks now as if you will be going to the Fener match with Ankaragucu's Super League status already secured!
    And Jim,how dare you cast aspertions as to my command of Turkish,tamam! (sarcasim again!)

    Go Go 'Gucu!

    Dublin Neil.

  11. Anonymous9:13 pm

    Dear Nadeem I completely agree to your comment about the team and Ahmet Gökçek.
    We may all criticise Ahmet Gökçek's choices for the technical manager and lovely-cute assistant Ü.Özat but we have to accept that A.Gökçek is the only president among all who is embedded to the club.
    He not only supports the players and the technical manager despite of all their failure but also the fans with the free bus services, free ticket and also recover the fans from custody as we have witnessed last week in İstanbul
    I hope his efforts will guide him to reach required success.


  12. Anonymous9:15 pm

    Sorry guys,it was only sarcasim.I know, the lowest form of wit.You all missed the exclamation mark at the end of my previous post.I do apologise,especially to Nadeem, if I caused any confusion.It looks like you will in fact be able to go to the Fener game with Ankaragucu's Super League status already secured by then.
    And Jim,how dare you question my command of the Turkish language.Dont do it again, tamam! (sarcasim again!)

    Go Go 'Gucu!

    Dublin Neil.

  13. Anonymous9:19 pm

    Whoops,I'm having a nightmare now.Didnt think the first post was sent there.Got there in the end.Sorry!

    Dublin Neil.

  14. Anonymous9:44 pm

    Volkan - we maybe in the minority but im a gokcek fan lol. If he serves the club well then im happy.

    Dublin Neil - You gave me a heart attack, i was about crying to my girlfriend last night haha, well fingers crossed it will be ok


  15. Anonymous12:33 am

    Nadeem,you should be well used to heart attacks supporting Ankaragucu!I'm sure all will be well for you.I will be in Turkey watching the Fener game in my local bar in Didim.Look forward to it.


    Dublin Neil.

  16. Anonymous12:39 am

    lol i know mate, well i cant wait, all my mates think im mental but i cant wait to show them the pictures and videos when i come back. Look out for me on TV in Didim lol


  17. Anonymous12:53 am

    Will do!

    Dublin Neil.

  18. Anonymous6:31 pm


    After a cloudy period we finally start to see the sunshine.As per our precious T.Manager's advise the club management has extended M.Akan's contract for the next 2 years.
    Now we can sleep in confidence.
    And thanks Lemerre you proved us how important you are.

  19. Wow. Can you say bandwagon?

  20. Well well well ...... we live and learn.

    We know that Dublin Neil likes sarcasm, but .... shock horror .... now we have Jamie at it !!!

    Apart from all those match fixing allegations, this must be the other surprise of the season !!

  21. Mountaineering Kanka4:18 am

    So glad that Gucu stuck it to Kayseri. I hate those guys. Didn't see, but was it at home or was it in the "stadium of dogs"? Erciyes Dagi will explode soon!

  22. Hey Robbie. Good to see you back here in the comments section !

    The match was in an empty 19 Mayis Stadium !

    Ankaragucu was punished for their supporters 'naughty' behaviour in Istanbul against CimBom. Check out Steve's post a few back.

    Are you in Dubai now or did you take a tourist trip to the Moon ? I've lost track of your many travels !!

  23. It was home and it was in 19 mayis not the stadium from hell. But! NO fans were allowed in the stadium because Connect Kanka and I may or may not have said some inappropriate things to the Ultra Aslan the week before. Annnnd maybe the Gecekondu also picked the lock on the door between us and the home supporters at Ali Sami Yen at half time. Annnd maybe 60 supporters go caught trying to bring Doner swords into the stadium.