Thursday, March 04, 2010

Ankaragucu sinks to a new low

Mountaineering Kanka Robbie and his good lady Mrs Mountaineering Kanka Judy have been sinking Ankaragucu to new depths as part of their scheme to claim all sorts of geographical points for Ankaragucu. Here we see him planting the Ankaragucu flag on the bottom of the sea under the Artic ice*. Check out our photo archive (whıch can always be accessed via a link on the right hand side of the page) to check out other weird and wonderful places our Kankas have had their photos taken in Ankaragucu or Genclerbirligi gear.

* It was 28 metres below the sea but as Robbie didn't actually say which sea, I just assumed it must have been the Artic. Lots of oil there you know, and it is now all Ankaragucu's. Take that Canada!


  1. Mountaineering Kanka Robbie and Mountaineering Kankie Judy never fail to amaze us with their adventures above and below ground ..... and always with their Ankaragucu Flag to claim more records.

    Well done you two - words sometimes fail me (although Battle Damaged Kanka may disagree !!) but in your case .... I say again .... words fail me !

    Robbie and Judy are heading for Abu Dahbi next and I'm sure that the Red Sea diving will take precedence over that famous mountain range in the UAE, the name of which escapes me !

    I say .... watch this space for more photographs of our two Ankaragucu Adventurers.

    In the meantime, we await news and details of your visit to Buyuk Baskent for an Ankaragucu match next season.

    Keep on keepin on !

  2. Brilliant stuff from Judy and Robbie.

    Whıch reminds me. Nadeem, now that you have an Ankaragucu top it is time to wear it to a Scottish match with you surrounded by a couple of hundred Rangers fans (or was it Celtic who you suuport?).

  3. Anonymous1:12 am

    Wow,very impressive photo.Well done.Though come to think of it,surely it would be a wise move for Ankaragucu to play football under the sea because there's twenty thousand leagues down there and they might win one of them!!!!As Basil Brush used to say Jim, "Boom Boom!"

    Dublin Neil.

  4. Oooooo Dublin Neil ..... that comment was showing your age !! I had to go into the internet to find out who Basil Brush was !! Aye, I'm not as olde as some peeepall think !!

    Hey Oz Kanka. You are treading on very thin ice me thinks ! I'm waiting for Bellshill Kanka Nadeem's response ..... in fact..... I'm already ducking the bullets !!!!

  5. Well, unfortunately 28 meters below more or less reflects how far from leading the league we are. What we need now is a photo of you guys breaking through the water and surfacing with a splash while holding the flag aloft. Now that would be some lovely symbolism.

  6. Hey Robbie ........ sounds like a challenge from Battle Damaged !!!

    Hmmmm ..... have to agree with him though. Sounds like a good idea. Over to you !!!

  7. Oh, my Lord. Eski actually liked one of my ideas. If that miracle can occur, the team is capable of anything.

  8. I resemble that remark from Battle Damaged .... errrmmmm .... what I mean is .... ehhhh .... well, I agree with him twice !!

    Let's keep the handsome dude happy ..... well, just this once !!