Sunday, March 07, 2010

Yet another crap ref sinks Gencler

Yet again I'm going to give the referee crap. Yet again we were robbed. Perhaps we weren't the best team on the pitch but for the second week in a row we were denied a penalty right at the death.

Trabzonspor 3 - 1 Genclerbirligi

Spine, Dr. Who and myself joined a group of around 30-40 Gencler fans at the Beer Bus to find it was allowing smoking. Humph. Oh well, at least we didn't have to leave every five minutes.

The match itself started off with Trabzon attacking full on. They looked like scoring from pretty much the kick-off but somehow we kept them out with Serdar pulling off some pretty good saves.

Plenty of crappy football and them we got them on the backfoot with a wonderful goal by Sandro in the 25th. We had the ball near the box and I thought it was yet another case of no one from Gencler prepared to have a shot. Sandro passed it to Eureka, who sent it back to Sandro who gave it a nice whack. 1-0 up and the Beer Bus erupted.

Just seconds later Trabzon almost scored as one of their players managed to sort of lob it over Serdar. The ball was almost in when Orhan Sam raced back and cleared. Sighs of relief all round.

Then came the equaliser in horribly unlucky circumstances. A Trabzon player was put through and Serdar was forced off his line. Aykut came with what in any other circumstances would have been a brilliant tackle, only to see the ball come off the attacker, past Serdar and into the goal. Arrgggh.

We had a few good shots but the rest of the match seemed a bit of a an Efes-induced blur until just near the end.

How on earth did the referee not give a penalty (check the video at 2:36) I have no idea idea. Then just seconds later Trabzon counterattacked and scored. Evil stuff. With the stuffing kicked out of them, Trabzon then scored another.

We dropped Dr. Who off and then returned to Spine's place to annoy French Kanka, play some darts and drink some more. I still haven't recovered, from the alcohol, nor the match.

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  1. Gecmisolsen Oz Kanka. Let's hope Gencler (and Ankaragucu) can lift themselves above their recent indifferent performances next weekend to put some much needed pride back into the Ankara teams.