Monday, April 19, 2010


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

As I reported briefly last night, Ankaragucu banished the cloud of relegation yesterday with an excellent display of footie for the purists.

ANKARAGUCU 3 Eskisehirspor 1

As Connect Kanka said to me after the match - 'where would Ankaragucu be today if we had started the season playing like this' ? Good question !

It was an early KO yesterday and I met up with Maniac Kanka Harun in the Beer Bus Bar for 'morning coffee' ! ('that word' .... Efes .... will feature later in this post !!). We were joined soon after by Connect Kanka Steve and Phillie Kanka Jamie.

We then met Onur (a student at Ege University) and Jay Jay (a student at Bath University in Ingallind). Jay Jay drove us in style to the Stadium in his 'go fast' Megane and I would say that his driving skills are equal to, if not better than, Button and Hamilton !! Jay Jay made an immediate impact as a friend for life. Why ? Because he refuses to support an Ingallish team and supports Cardiff City yesssssss !!!

At the Stadium we met up with Battle Damaged Kanka Damon, Kaleci Kanka Tansu and Rip Off Kanka Erman. There was a carnival atmosphere with five Ankaragucu tribunes in full voice (SIX if you include the kankas !!) and zero Ess-Ess supporters ! In place of the Eskisehir punters we had a giant Ankaragucu replica shirt which reached from the top of the seating part to the bottom - an amazing sight !

There were no surprises in the Ankaragucu line-up with Vassell absent with a serious ankle injury which has ruled him out for the remainder of the season.

Geremi, Koray, Rajnoch, Broggi
Kagan, Hurriyet, Sapara, Rothen
Vittek and Mehmet

2nd half substitutes used - Adem, Murat and Cihan

The match got underway with Ankaragucu going immediately into attack mode, and it didn't take long for the first goal to come (5 minutes). A great high ball out of the midfield to Vittek who had made a run on the blind side of the Eskisehir defence. Ivesa saw the danger and rushed out to intercept, but Vittek was first to the ball which he headed over Ivesa into the empty goal. Fantastic goal and Fantastic start. Up the volume !

Ten minutes later and again it was Vittek, who this time turned provider. Beating his man down the left inside channel, he wrong footed a second defender and struck the ball across goal eluding Ivesa. 'Goal' we all shouted as we leapt to our feet, but the ball struck the far post and rebounded into play for Sapara, following up, to slide it home for number two. Good support play from him !

This was more like the Ankaragucu we saw a few weeks ago in the Besiktas match. Eskisehir was chasing around in search of the ball with Ankaragucu playing possession controlled footie. A joy to behold !

Number Three arrived on the half hour mark courtesay of some generous refereeing from Mr Ozkan. Vittek was 'brought down' in the box and the referee pointed to the spot. His decision of course, but I thought it was a 'soft penalty'. Nevertheless, we must be thankful for small mercies and Geremi made no mistake with his powerful spot kick.

Into the 2nd half and Ankaragucu didn't exactly step off the gas as it would appear from the scoreline. It was a case of some sloppy finishing from numerous chances created. The main offender was Vittek, but we can forgive him after his 1st half performance. Not only for his involvement in the 3 goals, but for his channelling back into defence at times and defending Eskisehir corners. A really great performance from him !

I should also mention Ivesa's heroics between the sticks. You will recall he gave a similar performance last November in the 0-0 match we played in Eskisehir ?!

Eskisehir's 2nd half goal was a consolation prezzie from the Linesman - or, maybe he was bored and sleepy with all the action at the other end ?!! I was in line with the build-up to the 'goal' and it was defo offside - not by one player, but THREE !!

As I said earlier, this was a first class performance and the footie quality is there. Lemerre has managed to harness the talent and make them believe in themselves.

Back to the Beer Bus Bar for post match celebrations with Oz Kanka and Mini Oz Kanka and ......... mmmmmm ...... yummy ..... scrummmy ....... Efes ...... Yesssssss !!!

I will be looking for this type of performance in our last 4 matches, especially against Fener when we will not only be playing for our pride, but to assist Bursa in their quest for the League Title.

Ankaragucu will be away in Denizli next Saturday KO 7pm. Denizli look doomed to relegation but I'm sure there will still be lottsa kisses and cuddles for coach Hakan Kutlu !

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. Anonymous7:31 pm

    excellent result JIm and as you say great performance. We got to hand it to Lamerre. Hes built from the back and we look good. Hopefully next season we can push on. Great to have Broggi back to.

    Wa a stonewall penalty Jim, ive just watched the highlights.


  2. yesss....ı wish the season was start now!!!anyway ı am so hopefull for next season...and nice to meet you nadeem..ı just done my mission to celebrate to ur coming to ankara!trust me u will watch a team a t least barca or madrid!!!ı am not joking! all the best from maniac to all users of ROUNDBALL ANKARAGÜCÜ....(heyy öz kanka dont angree with me =))) )

  3. Anonymous9:34 pm

    Well what an amazingly positive report Jim.Great as you said, to not have to worry about relegation for the remainder of the season.
    The Denizli game is merely an hors d'eurve now before the Fener match.That has become a huge game in terms of the destination of the title now.Would be sweet to deny the Istanbullus at the same time as doing Bursa a big big favour.
    Hopefully this volcanic cloud of ash will clear in time for me to take my flight to Bodrum so I can watch the game on tv there!!!!

    Dublin Neil

  4. Anonymous12:50 am

    Hi Harun, yes it will be good to meet you when i come over, im looking forward to it. As dublin neil says though i hope this ash cloud goes away and i can still travel to Ankara.


  5. What a turnaround. If management lets Lamerre get away, they are crazy.

  6. Connect Kanka12:14 pm

    When Harun writes more than "fuck Istanbul" in a blog comment, you know things are going well!

  7. Mountaineering Kanka12:12 pm

    Good for Gucu! Always nice to be out of relegation! Now we can turn our attention to the top of the board and hope for our "brother" to take it all the way. What I wouldn't give to see how hard we'll play Fenerbahce.