Thursday, April 15, 2010

Can't be bothered... unless there's an Efes in it for me

The "Round ball in Ankara" is surely an Efes PR flak's dream blog. According to a yahoo search, out of 1195 posts, excluding this one, Efes has been mentioned in 104 posts and no doubt in numerous more comments sections. Almost 10 percent.

Having implanted into the brains of our readers that when we say "beer", we mean, "Efes", means that the further 122 posts in which we mention beer (but not the actual word Efes) are also advertising the great beer. All up one in five of our posts are direct advertising for Turkey's biggest amber liquid producer.

Why all this statistics stuff? Got an e-mail today inviting me to take part in an Efes blogging competition.

The basic idea being that you write a post about anything to do with Efes, send them a link and if it is any good you might win an award. No mention if there are any prizes on offer but I'd like to think that a lifetime supply of Efes products would be one of them.

But I can't be bothered writing a post on the issue mainly because we have been giving free publicity to the beer for the last five years. In that time here are a few things we have discovered...

That Efes is appetising

"I found an excellent 'watering hole' near the Stadium called 'Doy Doy'. Fici Efes mmmm yummy !"

I was drinking EFES in an Edinburgh pub 3 months ago..... mmmmmmmm yummy !!!

The Limo was fully stocked with cool yummy EFES, a wide variety of Turkish nuts (real nuts, not the kankas !!), and off we went to The Stadium from Hell... Back to Ankara at about midnight in Yankee Kanka’s limo with more cool EFES from his in-car bar. Mmmmmmmmm Deeeeeeeelishus !!

That Efes will stand by you even when you are sad and lonely

Back to the Chopin Bar where we met Oz Kanka Chris and lots of commiserations and Efes to dull the pain !

the ANKARAGUCU Cup dream came to an end on the Black Sea coast..... says Eski Kanka popping in another anti-depression pill into his glass of luvvlie EFES !!!

Unfortunately every other Kanka had let the sun melt their brains as I was the only one there. Still, I had my Hurriyet newspaper, Tekel 2000 and a couple of Efes to keep me company.

More bad news I'm afraid ! Especially for Battle Damaged Kanka Damon who will no doubt be crying into his Efes tonight !

Holidays would be boring without Efes

I am ready, willing and able. My suitcase is packed with cases of Efes, my swimming kozzy, suntan lotion, Bursa guide book, and I'm ready for take off yessssssssssssssssssss !

Sailing the seas around Bodrum with their Ankaragucu tops on. Great attention getters and we had lottsa freebie Efes when the barman realised they were not Fener tops !!!

Have to dash ..... time for another dip in the pool before my pre-lunch Efes yesssss !!!

.... time to dive back into the Pool and then a quick dip in the sea before Happy Hour and ...... lottsa Efes yesssssssss.

That Efes is a sound investment option

Shares in Anadolu Efes Biracilik Ve Malt Sanayii A.S. were up on Wednesday as news hit the markets that another Australian was headed for Genclerbirligi.

Trade was clearly up for the Chopin as when I arrived Maniac Kanka Harun and Eski Kanka Jim were doing very well in their quest to increase the profits of the Efes bira grubu.

That Efes improves your foreign language skills

Strangely enough Flying Dutchman Kanka understood everything, even though he can't speak German... I credit the Efes.

That Efes brings families together

It was all good father-son bonding stuff, with the added bonus of football and Efes.

Great idea to bring Little Oz Kanka to the match tomorrow. It is about time he was introduced to EFES and LIVE footie !!

That Efes is an essential supply

On the way, Harun stopped off at a bakal for provisions. These consisted of several cans of Turkey’s finest (Efes, of course), a chocolate bar and two medium sized bottles of 10 YTL cognac.

That selling Efes will win you our patronage

It was then that I decided to make Sahil Restaurant/Pub in Genclik Park our meeting place and this proved to be a master stroke for several reasons. Firstly, it was warm and it was also the only Restaurant in the Park which sold EFES draught beer. Their kebabs were not too bad either !

That Efes is good in the morning

We headed into Ataturk Park, near the Stadium, for breakfast, washed down with some luvvlie Efes at 1030 am. A world record for the kankas perhaps ?

That Efes makes the perfect gift

It was therefore with great glee that at about this point I responded to the door bell to find Eski and Mrs. Eski Kanka, bearing eight cans of Efes.

That Efes (in moderation) can be used as a weapon...

I'm tempted to pour some (not all) of my EFES over Brummy Kankie's heid when I see her !

... or as an excuse

Ahhhh yes, Argentina played Elephant Tooth Seaside and not Costa Rica (well spotted Smart Arse Yanky Kanka). I blame the Efes for my mistake as I don't think I've actually been sober since about an hour before kick-off on Friday afternoon.

So there you go. Efes is truly one of the world's most versatile products. Anyway, I'm looking forward to my lifetime supply or Efes. Or perhaps as Gulay once commented:  

Too much Efes I believe has clouded you judgment........


  1. It would be unhelpful for me to point out your personal preference for Tuborg, wouldn't it?

  2. Yes, it would be. But I'm prepared to change.

  3. Hey ...... great post Oz. Brings back lottsa happy 'Efes' (there we go again !) moments.

    Couldn't remember the last time I had a titter and ho ho ho at one of our posts in a dull and stressful season !!!

    However, it's back to reality on Sunday with another crucial match but ...... pre-match Efes might help and post-match Efes will be welcomed in our celebrations ??!!

  4. Connect Kanka1:20 am

    There are many things I'll miss about Turkey when I return to America. Efes will not be one of them.

  5. If I don't win a life time's supply of beer I shall lay all the blame on Spine and Connect Kanka.