Saturday, November 13, 2010


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Could things get any better after last Tuesday's result ? No !!

A disappointing display from Ankaragucu today in Izmir.

Bucaspor 0 ANKARAGUCU 0

Eski Kanka was 'The Lone Ranger' in The Beer Bus Bar today, but I had a large Gecikondu/Anti-X contingent for company. Boston Kanka Russ joined me late on and promised to turn up with the kankas next Sunday.

Shock horror ....... when the teams came out and Ankaragucu was in RED shirts and white shorts with Buca wearing OUR strip !! Weird. That's a first for me !

Anyway, Ankaragucu was first into the attack and Kagan had a long range shot which went just wide.

After 15 minutes and Buca was taking control, albeit in the midfield area, and that's where the match stayed for most of the first half.

Lots of high balls from Ankaragucu (again !!) into the Buca penalty area which were being dealt with easily by their defence.

After 40 minutes, another long range shot from Kagan which went past the post and that was the sum of Ankaragucu's serious attempts at scoring a goal.

Some serious efforts from Buca which were being dealt with by the defence and Senecky.

I was thinking to myself at half time .......... if I didn't know better, it would look like Ankaragucu came to Izmir for a point !!

Mehmet came on at the beginning of the 2nd half and added some spark up front, but the final ball was always missing and the spark soon fizzled out.

Buca was attacking full-on now and Klukowski was marshalling the defence well.

64 and 73 minutes and Senecky pulled off two great saves to deny Buca.

75 minutes and Meye was introduced to find the break through. He almost did at the end, but the sting was taken out of his shot when it struck a defender and the goalkeeper saved.

I was up on my feet on 76 minutes when The Beer Bus changed the channel to the Bursa v Trabzon match in line with the bars on either side. I weighed in along with the other Ankaragucu supporters with a protest and it was changed back ......... immediately !! The Beer Bus learned a lesson (as if they didn't know) .......... don't mess with Ankaragucu supporters !!!!

I have to confess that this match was one of the most boring matches I have ever watched, and I'll also confess to watching the babes walking up and down Sakarya Caddesi from time to time during the match !!! Does that paint the picture ???

Gotta step up a gear next Sunday against Istanbul BBS. Perhaps if the backroom staff convince the players that ALL Istanbul teams are in the same category as GS and Fener then we might see some action ??!!

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. Anonymous9:53 pm

    There cant be a club on the planet with the unpredictable performances like us. As you say after Fenerbahce we thought we could progress on and move up the table, i only saw the first half but we were awful. Need to win against Istanbul BBS next week


  2. Just as a matter of interest .......

    you will recall that I mentioned in last week's post of the Ankaragucu v Antep match that the No13, Dany, was the man that single handedly frustrated Ankaragucu's goal machine.

    Well, it seems that he did the same to Fener last night when I noticed this morning that The Hurriyet had awarded him 9 out of 10 for his performance yesterday in their win over Fener.

    Go get him Ahmet Gokcek !!!

  3. Ahmet is more likely to put a hit on him than to sign him...

  4. Sorry, I wasn't able to watch it with you, Eski. I was in Milan watching the derby at San Siro. Great experience.

  5. Wow ! The Milan Derby. Well done BD. Your experience of that match is surely worth a post on the blog when you've recovered your breath ?!

  6. Seeing that match and discussing it with people in Milan was definitely an amazing experience.

    I think it is worth a post when I get back because the similarities and differences between that match and Ankaragücü matches is, I think, at least, interesting indeed. For instance, San Siro was both breathtaking and disappointing. Fan behavior there made us look like barbarians at times and civilized at others. Got some pretty good photos as well.

    Wish I could say that I miss being in Ankara but Italy is heaven. See you when I get back.

  7. I wouldn't mind betting that Mr Morinho (the Chosen One !) is laughing up his Portugese Kilt when he sees Inter 'languishing' in 5th place in the league after sweeping all aside last season.

    Mind you, I'm sure Umit Bey would be happy to see Ankaragucu 'languishing' in 5th place !!

    Look forward to report and photos of the Milan Derby.