Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

The Stadium was a no-go for the kankas last night given the ridiculous price hike and work related concerns. Interestingly, Gecikondu was empty, but Maraton full ! However, thanks to TRT the match was screened live.

ANKARAGUCU 4 Fenerbahce 2

No suprises in the line-up, except that 'old boy' Serkan was between the sticks for Fener. That prompted me to say prayer to God for Ankaragucu to score 4 and put Serkan in his place, ie, on the floor. God is great ..... and I think he supports Ankaragucu !!!

The match started with Fener first out of the traps and Stoch in particular showing his speed on the left, leaving Guven for dead a few times.

It was the old old story from Ankaragucu giving the ball away needlessly and being 2nd best in the tackle.

Fener was well in control and then in the 11th minute Stoch sent another tempting ball over from the left which eluded everyone except Semih lurking at the far post and he nodded in. No argument with that. Semih is renowned for being in the right place at the right time.

Ankaragucu was coming more into the match from the 20th minute but their attacks were breaking down in the last quarter before they could test Serkan.

It was almost 2 in the 25th minute when Stoch hit the post and the ball fortunately broke away out of harms way.

On the half hour mark and Ankaragucu was still building from the back but too slowly to do any real damage, and Metin, in particular, was guilty of giving the ball away and losing out in the tackles.

Sestak almost equalised on 37 minutes when he collected a great pass from Sapara and sent the ball just past the post.

Another chance just before the half time whistle when Guven sent in a looping shot from the left which Serkan tipped over for a corner.

Into the 2nd half and was this the beginning of a resurgence in Ankargucu's old attacking style ? Yessssssss !!

Mehmet replaced Guven and Dogan replaced Metin and play was resumed.

The equaliser wasn't long in coming. A corner from Sapara, the flick on at the near post from Klukowski and there was Rajnoch with a great anticipating run to head in.

It was Fener on the back foot now as Ankaragucu was transformed into something more like the attacking team we know.

Dogan put Sestak through but Serkan saved at his feet. Dogan shoots but Yobo deflects it for a corner. Another chance for Sestak but a mis-kick.

It was all Ankaragucu now and Fener was getting rattled !

Then with 15 minutes remaining, the break through. A sweeping move with the ball sent to Mehmet on the right wing. Looks up, and sends the ball to the back post where Sestak is lurking unmarked and he side-foots it in !

5 minutes to go and Ankaragucu is still attacking. Then Mehmet cuts the ball back for the in-rushing Dogan, but the challenge also comes in from Gokhan and he scores a great Own Goal. If it's any consolation to him, Dogan would have scored anyway !

3-1 up and into time added on and a corner from Fener. Santos was at the near post and he rose unchallenged to angle a great header past a deceived Senecky.

Straight from the re-start Ankaragucu pushed forward and from an Umut cut-back, Kagan slotted it in for No4.

What an unbelievable 2nd half !

A joy to see Ankaragucu in full-on attacking mode, and long may it continue. The whole team receive my vote as 'Men of the Match' !

The question now is ......... does Ankaragucu have aspirations on winning the Turkish Cup ????

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. Anonymous3:23 pm

    Great Work Brothers!

    In Gencler news: Zec injured. Bad news.


  2. As Oz Kanka said in his round-robin email, the Buca v Ankaragucu match is on Saturday KO 2.30pm. So, we will be watching it in The Beer Bus Bar.

    For future reference, and for those not leaving Ankara for the Bayram, Ankara has a home match against Istanbul BBS on Sunday 21 November KO 5pm. Meeting in The Beer Bus Bar for that one at about 3pm.

  3. Anonymous7:02 pm

    Hi, can you please help me. Is it possible to tell me how Jerome Rothen did for Ankaragucu last season?
    Thank you very much

  4. Anonymous8:45 pm

    i saw Jerome Rothen play for Both Rangers and Ankaragucu last season as i support both teams. He was very poor at Rangers, struggled with fitness and form, the scottish game was to fast for him,

    He played very Well at Ankaragucu though and played a part in keeping us up. Shame he moved on.


  5. Agree with Nadeem. He hardly put a foot wrong for Ankaragucu, and I too was sorry to see him go.

    btw, where is he now ?

  6. Anonymous7:27 pm

    As far as I can find he was released by PSG on October 19th.Manager deemed him surplus to requirements and was keen to rid the club of Rothen's 180,000 Euros a month wages.Auxerre and Valenciennes have supposedly shown interest in him but as of today he remains a free agent.

    Dublin Neil.

  7. Thanks for that info Neil, but ........ hey .... I thought Nadeem was supposed to be our oracle ???!!!

    C'mon Nadeem ..... wake up !!!