Tuesday, November 09, 2010


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

What the Fuck !!!!

How can a team of duffers last Saturday be transformed into a world class team in 3 days ???

Ankaragucu could have beaten The Mighty Hibernian, Real Madrid, Liverpool, Otulu Galatu, and even Genclerbirligi tonight..... or come to that ..... Raith Rovers !!!
ANKARAGUCU 4 Fenerbahce 2
Fantastic second half performance - what did Umit Bey say to them at half time when they were 0-1 down ?
Unbelieveable........ can't find the words tonight .............. full report tomorra .............. lay lay lay lay lay lay lay ............ Aaaaaannnkaaaaarrrrrraaaaagooooojooooo !!!!!
All the best from still 'up there' Eski Kanka Jim


  1. Anonymous10:23 pm

    Ankaragucu's manager is brilliant.We HAVE to keep hold of him!Ha ha.......

    Dublin Neil.

  2. WTF is right. So much potential, usually untapped. Wish I could have been there tonight to see that potential fulfilled.

    Ankaragücü-Fenerbahçe 4-2

    Galatasaray-Ankaragücü 2-4

    How is it that we only have 14 points this season?!!

  3. Anonymous12:36 am

    this team is so unpredictbable. Im going to talk about two players who dont get much praise who were outstanding tonight. Young Theo Weeks and Adem Kocek. The way they kept the ball and theo broke up play, also special mention to Kagan who hasnt played alot this season. the full team deserve credit, but the second half is how we should play every week

  4. Anonymous12:36 am

    that was me nadeem last post

  5. Bloody hell! Little Oz Kanka and I turned off when Fener were 1-0 up. What a surprise to see this result. Now for Gencler to beat Fener and the two Ankara teams to go through to the next round... er ... well, I can only dream.

  6. Mountaineering Kanka3:41 am

    Haydi Baskent!

  7. Connect Kanka6:45 am

    Gökçek's are finally coming through for us!!!!!!!!!

  8. The fact that, Ankaragucu could have beaten The Mighty Hibernian and Real Madrid, is wonderful and amazing to read, the post is also great.


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  9. Always good to see those losers get bumped off. Was this a league or a cup match?

  10. Anonymous11:30 am

    For so many years and hundreds of matches it was the first time that we played particularly in the second half, as a TEAM.
    I have to write a special paragraph about Marek Sapara who was the real leader and the maestro of the TEAM.
    Ü.Özat pls do not touch the second half squad and the strategy.
    Finally we have a big advantage to qualify from this group unless Ü.Özat does not create something special.

  11. Well said Volkan. However, I do not think for one minute that Umit Bey will leave well alone !!

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