Friday, July 15, 2011


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Maybe my 'dragon' looked into her crystal ball to find the dates for the TSYD (Ankara Sportwriters Cup) and then booked our hotel in Bodrum to ensure that we were there and not in Ankara !! As you all know, dragons are dangerous and never more so than when they seek revenge, but I'm not Bilbo Baggins !!!

Maybe it was a coincidence that she booked the hotel whilst the TSYD Cup was scheduled to play ? However, I doubt that ! And ..... more importantly, why wasn't I consulted ??!!

The bottom line is that I will miss my first TSYD Cup Competition for many years. Boo hoo hoo ...... tears of sadness cascading down my face !

So, we will have to rely on Maniac or Battle Damaged Kankas reporting the matches if they are in Ankara when the matches take place on 30/31 July. Or, our 'all seeing and all knowing' oracle Bellshill Kanka in Weegieland, ie, Glasgow !

Ankaragucu and Gencler wil be in 'the hat' but I don't know the other 2 teams yet. I would guess that 'new boys' Samsun will receive an invite and possibly Kayseri, or, dare I say it ......... Ankaraspor ..... arrrrrrgh !!!!

As always, watch this space for further.

Meanwhile, we still await the League Fixture List !!!

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim ..... who is afraid of dragons !!


  1. lol poor Jim, i think mrs chalmers knew the dates haha.

    The team has arrived in Holland and will take in 5 games within the next ten days.

    17 Temmuz Deventer Türk Gücü
    18 Temmuz Sporting Portugal
    20 Temmuz FC Groningen
    22 Temmuz B.Monchengladbach
    23 Temmuz Heracles Almelo

    also drago gabric has had his contract canx by trabzon. Talk about kicking someone when there down

  2. first game just about to kick off against Turk Gucu we have two argentinian trialists playing for us

  3. I'll be out of town for the TSYD Cup as well.

  4. Anonymous4:12 pm

    I thought there was only ONE dragon in Ankara ??!! ho ho ho ha ha ha

  5. Anonymous12:22 am

    Holiday time for us too, we fly to Izmir on Saturday night and on down to our place in Altinkum.Almost three weeks there before flying home August 10th.Hopefully will get to see some action from the first round of matches on August 5-7.Apart from live games does Turkish tv have a Match Of The Day style highlights show?Probably be my best chance of seeing Ankaragucu.
    When will you be in Bodrum Jim?

    Dublin Neil.

  6. Anonymous10:26 am

    Hope ye hae a braw holiday Neil. Happy landing in Izmir on Saturday.

    I'll be in Gumbet from 25 to 30 July. We are also going to spend time in Pamukkale. Are ye planning a wee trip doon the road tae Bodrum ??

    Yes, there is a programme called Maraton which is on late and covers all the matches with lots of chatter from the so called 'experts'. You might also find a pub which is showing 'selected' matches outwith the Big 4, but you will need to bribe the landlord to show it perhaps !!!

    All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

  7. Anonymous4:17 pm

    If we go down that way Jim I'll try to flag you beforehand via the blog.
    Be great to meet up for lunch or something.Is it just you and Mrs Jim?
    Have you been to Pammukale before?We haven't done it yet, kids a bit young for four hours there and four hours back.

    Dublin Neil.

  8. Anonymous11:29 pm

    OK Neil. I'll check it regularly and if you make it then we'll defo meet. I'm with Mrs Jim, daughter, brother-in-law and his family. Can't remember if you have my email .... send me an email with your mobile and I'll send mine - jachalmers94 AT

    I've been to Pamukkale more times than I can count. However, Pamukkale has now moved up the mountain a bit to Karahayit where all the hotels are. I'll explain the reasons for that, either when I see you, or in an email. We always stay in The Pam Hotel.

    Agree that it is probably too far for little ones, but defo something to bear in mind for the future. It is a place in Turkey which is a 'must see'.

    All the best from Eski Kanka Jim