Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Kicked out of 19 Mayis

We have no idea when the league will start. The Super Cup has been cancelled. Genclerbirligi have decided not to sell any kombine tickets for section C of Maraton where we normally sit and now it isn't even clear whether any matches at the 19 Mayis Stadium will be allowed.

According to a report by Klasspor today, the Federation sent something or other to the Ankara governor's office and to the Gençlik Spor İl Müdürlüğü that due to the facilities at the stadium being crap no one can play there.

The letter says that there aren't enough entrance turnstiles (true), the lighting system is rubbish (seems okay to me) and that the women's referees changing rooms and toilets need to be fixed up (I don't know but it wouldn't surprise me).

I could add a couple of more things to the list. The stadium is falling apart, the massive fences between the fans and the field, the fact that there is an asphalt running track around the field, that the fans toilets are crap, that we can't have a beer and a fag whilst watching the match, that my coins keep on being taken off me whilst the Istanbul fans manage to get flares into the game, that the last time I saw a decent game from Genclerbirligi was circa 2005 and that even if we are playing well Fenerbahce have probably bought the match in any case.

FSM I'm depressed.

As for season tickets. I'm going to wait and see and buy mine some time after I'm back in the country in mid-August... that's if there is a league next year.


  1. i will not be booking my flights till near xmas now, this is a joke. Why should i spend all that money when we dont even have fixtures out yet, half the league are cheats and we dont even know what is happening?

  2. Word is now that the TFF may well relegate a number of teams. Instead of promoting other teams the league could well be played with, say, 14 teams. In this case the league will start late. All rumour of course.

  3. Anonymous10:38 pm

    Well kankas ..... as I've said many times before, when Oz Kanka decides to have a 'rant' there is no stopping him and none to equal him !!
    The thing is ..... it's all true what he said !!!

    So, now we are playing 'the waiting game' again and for how long we can only guess. That leads us to Nadeem's frustrations of trying to come and see his beloved Ankaragucu.

    Something to bear in mind is that I'll be in Scotland for the Hibs V St Johnstone match on 21 January, but ..... more importantly .... the Rangers v Hibs match the following weekend !!!

    So, Nadeem, dinny be away from Weegieland at that time. Nae doot we will meet up pre and post match for that yin ??!!

    Let's have an .... arghhhhhhh ........ and feel some of the frustration disappear, or, on second thoughts, let's have another luvvvlie yummy Effffessss yesssssssssss !!!!

    All the best from Eski Kanka Jim who is only 'half' drunk !!!

  4. if they relegate teams then they should be putting teams up in there place, its just getting beyond a joke now,for instance if they relegate four teams and dont replace them, it would mean the bank aysa would have four teams to much

    ill be sure to keep that free Jim and we can celebrate another Rangers victoreeee lol

  5. Anonymous12:07 pm

    It's beginning to look like an effin dogs breakfast to me ! I promise not to be surprised at whatever decision is reached, ie, if we ever reach that stage !!!

    Hey Nadeem, dinny be so cocky ! The Mighty Hibees are back in business. Let's start wi stuffin the Tims on Saturday yesssssss !

    All the best from upbeat Eski Kanka Jim

  6. Do we trust Melih Gökçek to make changes to the stadium lighting? We may end up with lighting fixtures like this... in the obligatory Islam -green colour of course ;)

  7. Bellshill_Kanka said...
    i will not be booking my flights till near xmas now, this is a joke. Why should i spend all that money when we dont even have fixtures out yet, half the league are cheats and we dont even know what is happening?

    What Bellshill said but replace 'booking my flights' with 'buying a season-ticket'. In fact I very well be not buying any season ticket et all, especially as if it looks I won't be able to sit in my own section. [part of] My money will go to Biletix instead; another great decision by the [financial] manager of Genclerbirligi.

  8. Anonymous7:13 pm

    Well I notice that Gaziantepspor have already played a Europa League game so if the TFF decide to take any action against them because of anything that went on last season it'll be interesting to see what might happen then.
    Though I'm sure Mr Blatter will be able to sort it out.He has loads of experience in this field (i.e. corruption)

    Dublin Neil.

  9. Speaking of Gaziantep, just saw them play Minsk. They looked good and won 4-1. It was fun getting to see former Gücü players such as Emre Güngör and Elyasa playing well. Makes you wonder why we get rid of players like this. Jim's favorite Dany also put on an impressive show.

    While this was going on, Fenerbahçe fans were acting up during their match with Shakhtar Donetsk which led to the match being called off in the 67th minute. FB will most certainly receive a penalty for their arrogant behavior, but that penalty will hopefully pale in comparison to what they receive when the match fixing scandal is further exposed.

  10. Hurriyet Ankara have an interview with Enis Safi. He runs the company that Gencler and Gucu jointly run to administer 19 Mayis. It's called Ortak Girisim, which is original. Anyway he says the following:
    - Cops won't allow Yenikent as a venue because it's too far away.
    - The company doesn;t want to spend loads on a stadum that might be demolished next year
    - They've asked the federation for help to pay for the work
    - the work'll be done before the season starts whether they get help or not
    - "It looks like there'll be plenty of time" before the season starts (hint hint.)


  11. Thanks, Spine. Haven't been reading the Hürriyet Ankara section this week, so I would have missed this.