Saturday, August 20, 2011

Frustrations Beginning to Appear

Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

There was a report in The Hurriyet this morning with Mesut Bey sounding-off and laying his frustrations bare about the delay in the commencement of the League kick-off.

Of course, it is frustrating for all the teams, especially those who arranged their summer camps in July anticipating the League to kick-off on 5 August. Now the teams are kicking their heels while all the other Yooro Leagues have kicked-off (apart from Spain !!!!).

The photo in The Hurriyet shows Mesut Bey wringing his hands in frustration and some of the Ankaragugu players behind him with glum faces. The Capital City Cup is now history and the euphoria has turned to frustration !

Mesut Bey went on to say that he has given the players a long weekend off. Perhaps he will try and arrange further 'friendlies' with Super League or Bank Asya teams in the next week or so.

Eski says ........... c'mon TFF ....... make an effin decision and let's get the show on the road !!

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. Anonymous12:45 pm

    According to Online Hurriyet (, TFF will try to implement a play-off system for the Turkish SuperLig. What is your opinion?

  2. for the first time since watching Turkish football i am seriously fed up. The TFF are a joke in that they havent made a decision yet.

    The teams not involved now have to wait until september to play there first game. And this play off system is laughable as well. its fine for the Europa league place, but for the title ? that means the team in fourth can finish 30 points behind the champions yet still loose the title.

    added to that Sapara could be going to Trabzon, Ozgur cek to bursa and sestak to besiktas as all the players could leave for free

  3. Anonymous5:19 pm

    To answer your question Dan, I'm totally against this.

    It's all well and good for The Bank Asya League and The Championship in Ingallind to have this system where it seems to work well and generate lots of excitement among the fans, not to mention the players.

    However, the Super League and Premier League clubs are usually involved in more league and cup matches than the lower leagues and a lot of the players have International duties to perform.

    There is also the added pressure of the World Cup and Nations Cup at the end of the season to make matters more complicated.

    So, NO, I don't think it is a good idea, but, having said that, the TFF will usually take the opposite illogical view and go ahead with it.

    As Nadeem said ....... the TFF is a joke and is losing credibility by the day !

    As for Nadeem's comments, I just can't bring myself to comment. The repercussions are just unthinkable !!!

    More .... arggggghhhhhhs for Eski Kanka Jim

  4. Anonymous1:16 pm

    Finally some news from Genclerbirligi. Well... not exactly football news. 6 players from Gencler (Serkan Çalık, Azofeifa Corrales, Aykut Demir, Mehmet Akgün, Labinot Harbuzi, Murat Kalkan) went to the Emniyet to testify in the "şike" investigation.
    In the meantime Cavcav says in a interview that he never bought or sold (match-fixed) football matches.

  5. Anonymous4:56 pm

    Eski Kanka Jim says .... Hmmmmm ....... interesting, and of course we all know that Cavcav never ..... nay never ...... tells 'porky pies' !!!

  6. Anonymous9:49 pm


    The F***ing Fools.
    Total Flippin'Flounderers.
    Tops For F***ups.
    Tough For Fans.
    Twats Fools Fakes.
    Turdy Fecal Fellas.
    The Feeble Ferrets.
    Totally Figetting Fiddlers.
    Turkish Festering Foundation.
    Too Far Fetched.
    The Farcical Federation.

    I had a spare five minutes.Take your pick!

    Dublin Neil.

  7. id go with them all Neil, They are a disgrace, Turkish football is in a big mess at the moment and the TFF and Turkish courts should be doing more

  8. Anonymous1:31 pm

    Ho ho ho ......... obviously Neil is a Monty Python fan ...... 'always look on the bright side of life etc' !!!

    However, Eski Kanka Jim says is difficult to retain our sense of humour these days !!!

  9. Anonymous7:03 pm

    TFF and the clubs association approved today the play-off system for this season. Comments:
    1. media says this is one method to change the agenda in order to take the highlight from the "şike" subject.
    2. legal experts say it is a controversial decision because it's not statutory to change the competition rules during the season. (a controversial decision will help public opinion to forget the "şike" case).
    3. tff tries to find a way to compensate digiturk for their losses during the "şike" case. tff tries to save digiturk. cue to fans singing:
    they don't care about football/
    they don't care about us/
    all turkish football/
    is in the wrong hands.
    4. on a personal note: I announce the start of my turkish football boycott :) I won't spend money on season tickets, tv subscriptions, and so on. But I will follow the news regarding these subjects. I don't want to miss this once in a lifetime comedy. does this qualify for a boycott?

  10. Anonymous9:13 am


    The Fenerbahce Fans
    True Fenerbahce Fans
    Thieves from/for Fenerbahce

  11. Anonymous10:57 am

    Dan is making a stand on this subject and who can blame him. I'm sure there will be lots of others who will be taking the same line.

    We Ankaragucu kankas will not be making a boycott. As Nadeem said recently in a message to us..... he will follow Ankaragucu even into the Amateur League. I'm with him on that point.

    btw, noticed in The Hurriyet this morning (24 August) that Sestak 'MIGHT' be going to Beshiktrash. Grrrrrrrr !!!

    All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

  12. Anonymous11:35 am

    To be honest I would have more enthusiasm to follow Ankaragücü or Gençler in the Amateur League then in the current SuperLig.

  13. Well, Cengiz Topel has finally accepted the handover of control of Ankaragucu (anatolia 17:16 today).

    Says "I know I'm not a chairman chosen by the AG community. We have come into office in the name of resolving the logjam after an administration that was ruled null and void" (poor translation, 'pols)


    let's hope so.

  14. Anonymous8:06 pm

    Fenerbahce not taking part in 2011/12 Champions League. This way they can save energy for the play-off.

  15. Fixtures announced tomorrow

  16. how can the TFF take Fenerbahce out of Europe if they cant make a decision about punishment until the court makes a decision ? they are embarassing Turkish football. Either they do or dont have evidence.

  17. I have some sympathy for them. They were following a fairly consistent policy... until UEFA arrived with threats and blackmail.

    Surely any small European league must be asking questions now. UEFA's clearly not the representative of the leagues, it's the representative of it's own commercial interests. I guess we knew this, but it's very clear now.

  18. its, not it's. apologies.

  19. Anonymous12:31 pm

    The TFF is in a right muddle and we are all scratching our heads and thinking ...... what will they do next ???!!! It doesn't bear thinking about really.

    As The Flying Dutchman said, the fixtures will be released tomorrow. The Bank Asya League fixtures have been released today.

    I didn't see Ankaraspor in there. Could be another problem with them I think.

    All the best from Eski Kanka Jim