Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Let's Get the Show on the Road !

Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

The Ankara teams will KO their season on Saturday 10 September.

Samsun v Gencler - KO 5.30pm
Ankaragucu v Mersin - KO 8pm

The Gencler Kankas will no doubt be meeting in The Beer Bus Bar prior to KO, but Oz Kanka will confirm this.

The Ankaragucu Kankas will meet there too and go to the Stadium at 7pm. Which Stadium is still not clear, but Spine said in an earlier post that it will probably be 19 Mayis Stadium.

On the subject of future 'away' matches, the Ankaragucu Kankas may from time to time watch them in The Chopin Bar. Some of you may recall a problem with the Beer Bus Bar staff disrupting our viewing of the Ankaragucu match last season ! The Head Waiter of The Chopin, Ismail Bey, has promised to show the away matches on one of their screens. Time will tell if this promise holds-up !!

In other news, the TFF has told Fenerbahce that they will play in the Super League - a decision no doubt driven by Digiturk !!!

Bring on the action !

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. Anonymous5:41 pm

    Eski Kanka has been thinking ...... and before anyone makes a comment about that ...... yes, I know that's dangerous !!!

    I was thinking as I was drinking luvvlie yummmy Efffessss on my balcony on this first day of the Bayram ......... this season if Ankaragucu, Hibs, Raith Rovers and East Fife all win on the same weekend then I'm gonna drink Tuborg for a whole year !!!!

    Errrrmmmm ..... no wait a minute, on second thoughts ..... make that a month.

    Mmmmm ...... on third thoughts ...... make that one night !!!!

    I guess I'll be drinking Efffessss all season ... yesssssssssssss !!!!

  2. Nice timing. Bakkal has resigned as Ankaragucu coach.

  3. Yep, apparently he has, and I'm getting word from my Trabzon sources that Sapara is now wearing their colors. Not happy here.

  4. Anonymous10:46 am

    I was just about at the forgiving phase with Trabzon after they nicked two of our great players of yesteryear, ie, Augustine and Umut Bulut, but ..... now they have nicked our Captain Sapara. This is pure nonsense from a team like Ankaragucu who SAY they want to compete with the best !

    Added to that, we see our Coach Mesut Bakkal resign (and who can blame him). He's the best coach we have had since Lemerre and he's been busy preparing the team for league action throughout the pre-season. So, I have to ask ..... what was the point of going to Austria and Holland when the backbone of the team are to be offloaded ??!!

    It is also worth mentioning that last season's Club Captain, Adem, has moved to Bursa.

    So, who's next ? Also, what does it say for our readiness for the beginning of the league ?

    Best I tell my Chemist to order a further supply of optimism pills. I guess we will need lots of them this season.

    All the best from an angry Eski Kanka Jim

  5. Cengiz Topel Yıldırım and Cemal Aydın behaved so badly here. I understand that the way the Gökçeks originally took over the team was not kosher, but if CTY didn't have the money, what was the fnnn' point.

    How long will we have to wait until we see another team of the quality we saw during our pre-season?

    I'll miss Sapara and Mesut. I hold them both in high esteem, and I really can't blame either one of them for parting ways with Gücü.

  6. Anonymous11:06 am

    According to The Hurriyet this morning (Friday 2 September) Vittek has joined Sapara at Trabzon !

    There was also an apt idiom in The Hurriyet .....

    the leaves are falling off the Ankaragucu tree !!

    So, I say again ....... who's next ??!!

    A despondent Eski Kanka Jim