Sunday, September 11, 2016

Genclerbirligi disappoint

It is simply beyond my comprehension how Genclerbirligi can play so well one week against a top side like Osmanlispor and then with such feebleness in their next match against a crap side like Alanyaspor.

Bernard, Spine, Oz Kanka and Little Oz
Genclerbirligi 0 - 0 Alanyaspor

Spine and me and Little Oz and Bernard were the crew down at the Alerta Pub to enjoy a few beers on what was a lovely warm Autumn afternoon. Off to the stadium where we bumped into Dan the Man and his son Efe.

Once again a terrible crowd. I guess the bayram holiday didn't help but Passolig has truly killed the game in Ankara.        

Expected a great match and.....

Second half and things picked up a bit... Irfan and Stancu  ended up being substituted after pretty average performances. There was very little urgency, very little going forward. And all this despite the fact that we controlled vast stretches of the game.

It was all very disappointing. Fingers crossed Uzulmez will put his boot up the players before next week's away match to Konya... which is one we may try to get to.

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