Monday, May 14, 2018

... and that's that

I didn't see this weekend's match and quite frankly I probably didn't miss anything much.

Kasimpasa 3 - 1 Genclerbirligi

Genclerbirligi have now been officially relegated.

Thank you Umit Ozat. Thank you Murat Cavcav. Together you have truly stuffed a great club.

And that is my final Genclerbirligi report as I shall soon be leaving Turkey... heading back Down Under for the next few years at least.

Good luck Genclerbirligi and good luck Ankaragucu...


  1. Sad day for Gencler and a sad day for the Blog as we say goodbye to Chris.

    I think Gencler will bounce back and win promotion next season. Unlike most clubs who go down, they arent crippled with debt and hopefully they can get their recruitment right in the summer.

    Lig 1 isnt a difficult league to win, look at Rizespor, they just maintained last seasons squad and added 1 or 2 quality players.

    In regards to Chris, we wish you all the best mate and appreciate you starting this blog!

  2. I echo Nadeem's comments.

    This Blog was Chris's idea way back in the early 21st Century and how it has blossomed is all up to him and also the many footie fanatiks who have contributed.

    We understand why Chris is off to his beloved Oz, and we all wish his son success and hope one day to see them back here again.

    In the meantime, I will be speaking to Oz Kanka with a view to trying to find an able deputy to write Gencler reports next season, remembering that this is a Blog for both Ankara teams !

  3. Unfortunately, we have been unable to find a dedicated reporter for Gencler matches next season. However, between Nadeem, Damon and I, we will try to keep abreast of their season and write about their exploits in the Championship PTT League.

    At the very least we will give results, scorers and league positions as often as possible.

    When it comes right down to it, this blog was started for the TWO Ankara teams and we will do our best to keep that tradition going.

    In the meantime, we hope that Gencler can get off to a flyer in the season ahead and make the top of the league position their own. We need the TWO Ankara teams in the Super League.

    Bring it on !