Thursday, May 03, 2018

Ankaragucu featured in These football times article!

A few months ago i spoke with Jamie Kelly from These football times after i saw an article that he wrote about Goztepe. Jamie specialises on Turkish football and has done a great job on the articles he has worked on.

We had a chat about him doing one on Ankaragucu which he agreed would be a great idea. The article was released yesterday and you can read it here  The destruction and recovery of Ankaragucu!

Its nice to see Ankaragucu get some positive publicity and long may it continue when we are back in the Super Lig next season!

1 comment:

  1. Being back in the Super League was a dream a few years ago when we were watching Ankaragucu in Golbasi 'Stadium' and Ostim 'Stadium'.

    Now it's up to management to prepare Ankaragucu for the challenge ahead and having the dosh to do this will be the crucial question as we enjoy a summer break.

    There is also the question of where we will be playing ? Will the new Stadium in Eryaman be ready and will Ankaragucu be invited to use it ? Also, will the 19 Mayis Stadium be demolished, or will it still be standing next season ?

    As always, watch this space as the story unfolds !