Thursday, August 31, 2006


Greetings Kankas and Kankies. It is with sadness that I report the parting of the ways of ANKARAGUCU and Srebrenko Posavec of Croatia (as reported in Hurriyet this morning).

To be perfectly honest, this is not a surprise when we take into account his performances over the past month. As I mentioned in a previous blog, I was not happy with his level of fitness. No doubt he has talent, but as a midfielder you must stamp your authority and personality on a match and in this respect he failed.

Our previous coach, Hikmet Karaman, signed him, but obviously Mr Aydin and Bosinoski were not happy with his lack of development.

It was patently obvious last Sunday that Ceyhun needs help in the midfield area and hopefully Tita can supply the brain and the brawn as he did so effectively for Ankaraspor last season.

So, Miss Zagreb, I am sorry that we don't have a Croatian presence in Ankara now. Perhaps you can let us know of any other budding Croatian players who would like to play in Ankara and we can recommend them to Gencler. We still haven't had much success making contact with ANKARAGUCU !!!

All the best from Croatian Lover, Eski Kanka Jim


  1. Anonymous9:38 pm

    When Hasan was here, he wanted for instance Modrić and Da Silva, but both those players are very expensive. Very. Well, Dinamo wants a lot of money for them. Now Hajduk wants to sell little Kranjčar for more than 5 million Euro, which is a lot of money and I don't think he worths that much.

    I can arrange for you any transfer, since I am Croatian and speak English, but I have one little problem. :-( I don't have Hasan's eyes. And Hasan will go to your turkish army in December. If I have an eye like Hasan that would be another story. I will tell you then well this guy is excellent and you should take a look at him but in my case, I will need to send CD of that player from here to Hasan so he can take a look and let me know what he thinks. The other problem is that they made CD's where the plyer played the best and they will took some little parts which is totally different story when that person is on the field. I can watch a football game but I am not expert as Hasan, that can spot a guy and say I want the guy that plays under that number. And usually if you are interested in some player, the club and his family and all around that guy will say he is the best that you can find since they all want to earn money on account of that player and basically to get rid of that one so that they can sell another one. Mostly the people here, that are in that business are very tricky and not honest and certainly not good! Trust me! Hasan and I learn a lesson where guys wanted by any cost to sell to Genclerbirligi a football player from here no matter is that player for that club or not. I love that by Hasan, he is honest and righteous!

    If you want some player,.., I would be glad to help you. Just tell me his name and I will contact him and try to see how much his club want for him and I will arrange everything for you!

    I have never heard about Srebrenko before. First time I heard about that guy was on your blog which I think is hilarious! Somebody wanted only to make a transfer and to make a money on account that Srebrenko. I am sure in that.

    Kisses from Zagreb Kankie

  2. Thanks for your comments and offer of help Miss Zagreb.

    Yes, I am sure that Hasan's eyes are everywhere looking for class players, and not only in Croatia.
    It is disappointing that we don't seem to have someone of his calibre at ANKARAGUCU !!

    This weekend sees the opening matches of the European Nations Cup and I'll be watching SCOTLAND playing The Faroe Islands on the Big Screen in the British Embassy Club.

    Hope you are able to watch Croatia in their match ?

    All the best from Eski Kanka Jim X

  3. Anonymous11:50 am

    You can steale him till December. :-) Or when he will return from turkish army.

    Yes I will watch it.

    All the best to all of you in Ankara from your Zagreb Kankie

    P.S. I am thinking of you here in Zagreb and I wish that one day I will go with you guys on a football game and walk around to see Ankara.

  4. Oz Kanka and I will be more than happy to show you around our great city and to take you to TWO matches.

    All you have to do is to tell us when you are coming !!!

  5. Anonymous8:33 pm

    Ok, I will.
    Will you cheer for Croatia next week? :-)

    Love ya-
    Zagreb Kankie

  6. We ALWAYS cheer for Croatia, and Miss Zagreb ALWAYS cheers for Australia and Scotland !!!

  7. Anonymous6:05 pm

    YEP THAT IS RIGHT!!!! :-)

    Kisses from Zagreb Kankie