Thursday, August 17, 2006


Greetings Kankas and Kankies. An interesting article appeared in Hurriyet today showing the number of foreign footie players in Turkey.

Amazingly, there are 102 !! Another interesting statistic is that of the 102, there are 24 Brazilians !

However, I'm sure Miss Zagreb Kankie will be interested to hear that there are 5 Croatian players and perhaps she may know about them -

1. Of course we know about Srebrenko Posavec of ANKARAGUCU.
2. Adrian Djokaj of Ankaraspor.
3. Vedran Runje of Besiktas.
4. Stjepan Tomas of Galata....spit....saray.
5. Sarabrenko Posavec of Konyaspor.

I was wondering if Srebrenko and Sarabrenko are related ? Perhaps you can check it out for us Miss Zagreb ?

Two other interesting points......... only 1 Aussie and zero Brits !!!

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. Anonymous10:21 am

    My dear Eski :-) YOU JUST MADE MY DAY!!!!!!!! When I read your report I almost fell down from laughing. I am still laughing about Srebrenko and Sarabrenko Posavec. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL Who the heck chose their names??? Especially that name Sarabrenko LOL LOL. I have never heard that name and till today I didn't even know that is possible that someone will give their son the name like that. :-) If you are Croatian, you would understand. The funny thing is that 2 guys by the same last name are playing in 2 Turkish clubs and their names are quite similar. If you will ever get to that Sarabrenko guy, please, ask him how the heck he got his name??????? What happened to his parents?? LOL I would love to read that report! :-)

    I knew about Vedran and Stjepan and of course about Srebrenko since you reported when he came to Turkey.

    This blog is amazing!!!!!!!!!!! You are amazing!!!
    (I am still laughing) :-)

    I will check later about those two guys LOL LOL LOL Srebrenko and Sarabrenko.

    I need to admit something, when I read your report I thought that you mispelled his name. :-)
    Mea culpa! :-)

    Love ya- :-)

  2. My Dear Miss Zagreb Kankie, just had another thought !!

    Perhaps the Hurriyet screwed-up and mixed the 2 names - ie, they are talking about the same person and got their facts and spelling wrong ?

    I think our esteemed journalist Oz Kanka can check it out and let us know ?? He has a very investigative mind you know !!!

    Anyway, I'm pleased that you found the article interesting and .... funny. Are you still laughing ???

  3. I'm on to it. Will report back soon

  4. Mmmm. I think the joke is on Hurriyet as there are no Croatians in the Konyaspor squad according to their website and putting the name Sarabrenko Posavec into google results in just one match... the article from Hurriyet on which Sir Eski based his original post.

    So case closed. Sarabrenko Posavec does not exist, except in Hurriyet and on this blog!

  5. Anonymous8:31 pm

    Yes that was my thought since that name don't exist in Croatia :-) or his parents were totally and completely drunk when they gave that name to a child! :-) I think there is a funny story with Srebrenko as well. Srebrenko is very very weird name and not common. Name like Sarabrenko don't exist and it would be like for instance that you put instead of Tatjana something like Taratajana LOL LOL LOL :-) :-) :-)
    For me that was so hilarious and I couldn't believe it that someone who is Croatian can be that stupid to gave his child name like that, that child would been through hell till the age of 18 (when he could change his name) since everyone would laugh at him all the time. :-)
    You made my day today!!!! Really!! When I read your blog and read that I almost felt down from my chair from laughing! :-) LOL LOL

    By the way, my last name is so spread and very common in Croatia but, last name like Posavec it is not and there is not possible that you can find 2 persons in one foreign country like Turkey by that last name and especially that they have both the same name as well (only playing with letters inside of the name).

    Tell those Turkish reporters in Hurriyet when they are putting some Croatian stuff there in their papers to send me first to edit their text. :-) Well for Turkish people there that is probably the same but if some Croatian read something like that, he/she would laugh like hell to those reporters.

    Love ya-

    P.S. I am sorry that I didn't get back at you sooner but I was quite busy. :-)
    But my day started marvelous because of you my dear Eski! Thank you for that!!!! :-) :-)

  6. Anonymous8:35 pm

    That name would be like for instance someone is using very weird and non common English name and put some more letters inside. Or for instance like instead of Silverguy they putted Silareveraguyna or something like that. :-)

    Send hi to those people in Hurriyet. :-)

  7. Anonymous8:47 pm

    Something else, in the morning, I didn't had time to take a close look at your blog,..., but you put the name Adrian Djoke as a Croatian?????????!!!!!!!????????????? What the heck is that???????????????? :-o :-o Report that as a error! Please!

    We had a horrible war with Serbians and I think that there is no Serbs on this planet that would claim that he is Croat and there is no Croat on this planet who would claim to be Serbian. There is a number of more that 300.000 deaths so, I don't think that someone here would mix their nationality.

    Check his name again and if that is his name,.., something stinks in here. Trust me!

    Let me know what did you find out.

  8. Anonymous8:49 pm

    That would be like someone put my name and last name and put Serbian??????!!!! :-o I could kill that person!
    Maybe that is his name but then his nationality is different.

  9. Anonymous9:03 pm

    Or it would be like that someone use my name and last name and puts that I am Muslim,.., everyone will know by the name and last name that is not true.

    I am telling you that becuase how come that guy claimed that he is Croat,.., I don't think that is possible or maybe he was drunk.

    What city is he from Croatia? And if he is from Croatia his last name is weird and it would be like you put the name Cetinkaya as a Croatian. He could be Croatian but by his last name you will know that he is not from Croatia. If you understand me what I have meant.

    Matter of nationality is very important here in Croatia, because of the war. They are now trying that everyone are equal (in one village that Croats and Serbs live happilly together) but that is very hard because you know that your neighbor killed half of your family. I know that you don't understand what I am trying to say to you and it would take me long time trying to explain you at least little bit.

  10. Looks like Zagreb Kanka is single-handedly destroying the credibility of Hurriyet newspaper.

    Just checked out Adrian Djokaj from Ankaraspor and while Hurriyet puts him down as a Croat, he isn't. On the Ankaraspor website it says his nationality is Turkish!!!!

    It says he was born in Podgorica, a city in Montenegro and played for a whole heap of Serbian teams, including Red Star Belgrade.

    Looks like there are now only three Croatians playing in Turkey.

    So well done Zagreb Kanka, keeping the Turkish press, and this blog, honest.

  11. Anonymous10:09 pm

    Hi there, it is me again. :-)
    I can not believe it that I just read Serbian newspapers in Serbian on the internet. I don’t like reading in Serbian much and in Cyrillic. Well, as I found out his name is ARDIJAN ĐOKAJ and he is born 23.05.1979. in Podgorica (MONTENEGRO). He is Montenegrin. Maybe he claimed before as a Serbian because Montenegro was accepted as a country 2 months ago.

    I am sure that he never claimed to be Croatian since Podgorica is not in Croatia. I found something that can help you in English. You can check it out on this page
    Podgorica was Titograd (during the ex. Yugoslavia) and then Titograd became Podgorica during the war.

    Love ya-

  12. Anonymous10:16 pm

    Yes Oz he played in Crvena Zvezda which is 100% Serbian. And I reacted maybe to much since when I read again this articl and read the name,... I was like :-o What the heck are you talking about??? This guy can not be Croatian. If he is Croatian, then I am a new Pope.

  13. Now it is my turn to fall off my chair laughing.........

    Miss Zagreb Kankie as the new Pope .....ho ho ho heh heh heh.. and I'm still laughing !!!

    On a serious note, I think it is time to consider changing from Hurriyet to Sabah ??!!

    On a more humourous note, titter titter titter........ I'm still laughing !!!

  14. Anonymous2:25 pm


    You should definately change your papers. This Hurriyet is not good.


    Kisses from sunny Zagreb, yours Zagreb Kankie

  15. I'm still laughing and couldn't stop even to phone the newsagent to cancel the Hurriyet and substitute the Sabah !!!

    Anyway, as an ANKARAGUCU supporter, it is not often I have the chance to laugh !!!

  16. Anonymous11:48 am

    Good morning from sunny Zagreb my dear Kankas in Ankara! :-)

    I am glad that I made you laugh, you made me feel good as well. When I read that Sarabrenko, I almost collapsed from laughing. :-)

    Hugs from Zagreb Kankie

  17. Anonymous1:41 am

    No Brits?!!!

    What about London's own Omer Riza -came through the ranks at Arsenal now at Trabzonspor?!!

  18. Omer Riza is definately a London boy. Born in Edmonton, north London, grew up in England and was signed by Arsenal at the age of 11.

    He also had stints at West Ham United, Barnet (on loan), Cambridge United (on loan), West Ham United, Cambridge United and Denizlispor.

    While this may seem to make him a Pom through and through he was chosen and played for Turkey in a friendly match against Germany in 2004/5.

    Sorry Brendan, but Riza, by this definition at least, is a Turk, just like our mate Aurelio.

    Before anyone thinks I knew all this and just recited it off the top of my head. Check out Omer's own website:

  19. By the way Brendan, do you get our weekly e-mails?

  20. Oz Kanka's investigative prowess does it again !

    I am seriously considering putting up a case to make him Sir Oz Kanka for services to Turkish and Footie journalism. Now don't get carried away..... I only said I was considering it !!!

  21. As a good republican I would of course refuse such an honour

  22. Anonymous12:32 pm

    Fair enough - I didn't realise he'd played for Turkey or that he had his own website!

    Consequently one of the first things I have learnt today is that Omer Riza takes size 41,5 shoes!!

    Thanks Oz - I also didn't know about your weekly emails, I'd gladly be on the list - is the best one to add.