Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Gencler v. Fener this weekend

It's a top of the table clash on Saturday when Fenerbahce travel to our fair city to take on Genclerbirligi.

The match kicks off at 8:00 pm and I've heard that there could well be problems getting in quickly because of some sort of new system. Knowing that technology stuff-ups are usual I've been advised to get to the stadium at 6:00 pm.

So, the plan is as follows. Meet up at Chopin at 5:00 pm and head for the stadium at 6:00 p.m..

I'm starting this thread early as we have a couple of spare tickets for sale. Viking Kanka and myself have season tickets for Maraton (on the half way line) and we have two spare as Spine and French Kanka (also season ticket holders) can't make it this weekend.

We have had an offer of 20 TL for one of the tickets from a friend of Viking Kanka. Any other offers?

The official price for the tickets for the match are 66 TL.

I'm sure Sir Eski Kanka will post details of what we are doing for Ankaragucu's home match on Sunday evening.


  1. Ok then, I also stake 20YTL for a ticket. Is this going to turn into a bidding war...? Or is the ticket mine?

  2. Oh dear. It appears that Spine left for the UK this morning without leaving his season ticket behind.

    I'm trying to get in contact with French Kanka who is in Ankara at the moment but she isn't answering her mobile.

    I'll confirm the situation very soon.

  3. Update: French Kanka is going to hand me her season ticket tomorrow. Spine's ticket is in London (silly boy).

    So , we have one ticket with two people after it. What shall we do???

  4. all i want for christmas is a gencler win, a gencler win.......

  5. I concede... There had better be some good cheering for Gencler though...!

  6. Right then, that's sorted. Jen's mate has the ticket. See you at 5pm at the Chopin.

  7. Anonymous1:37 pm

    Hey I hope that Genclerbirligi will win this Saturday. I will keep my fingers crossed.

    Greetings from Zagreb,
    Yours Zagreb Kankie

  8. Boo Hoo Hoo for Brummy Kankie, but.... all is not lost !

    You can come on Sunday and support the Mighty ANKARAGUCU with your 2 favourite men !!!

    Are you up for it ? If so, then be in Chopin Bar at 5pm.

  9. Remind me, who are my two favourite men? That may affect my decision... I suppose I could support Ankaragucu just this once... In a very English sort of way anyhow!

  10. Brummy Kanka wants to support Ankaragucu in a very English way? What on earth can that mean?

  11. Quite frankly dear Oz Kanka.... it means that YOU have to bring her a cushion for her luvvlie Ingallish Bottom (no offence Brummy Kankie !) and a flask of Earl Grey Tea (no sugar please !), also a punkerring fan to calm her fevered brow.... oh yes, and an interpreter when Eski Kanka starts swearing !!!

    That should do it I think ?!... or............ did I miss anything ????

  12. Grrrrrrrrr ........ war is declared ...........

    C'mon Kayseri !!!!

  13. I would have thought YOU would need a cushion, Old Man Kanka... And for the record I don't like Earl Grey tea :-) Now, if you were to offer a flask of Darjeeling laced with something a little stronger... But then I'd probably be thrown out of the stadium!

    By 'fevered brow' are you daring to suggest that Ankaragucu might provide some thrilling play tomorrow? I have my doubts...

    Oh, and the English way? Ineffable charm. Which also means I'll not need an interpreter :-)

  14. I'm getting to love Brummy Kankie's humour more and more by the minute.

    We are all impressed by her knowledge of Historic Turkey throughout all the ages, but.... if only we can impress on her the true meaning of Ankara footie. Hmmmmm.... that is MY task tomorrow !!!