Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Demanding changes

Time to wrap up the latest poll and it seems that Kankas are a fickle lot ready to show their frustrations. The question for the poll was:

Is it right for fans to call for the management's resignation during matches?
Yes: 9 votes
No: 3 votes

Being a former military man Sir Eski Kanka of course voted against the idea of questioning those in authority but the rest of us are obviously more demanding.

I'm going to give the polls a rest for awhile. At least until I can think up a good question.


  1. Hmmmmm..... the fans were having a go at Cemal Aydin again in the Hurriyet this morning. However, he is digging his heels in and vowing to stay !

    Good on you Cemal. At least you have one supporter here !!

    Oz Kanka will call me a `yalaka` for that statement, but I would probably use the word LOYAL !!

  2. I have no stance on the matter at all.

  3. This is a `first`.

    Oz Kanka is sitting on the fence !!!

  4. I find it safer sometimes, if somewhat uncomfortable

  5. I have a dream...........

    I have worn my Gencler `lookalike` shirt to Gencler matches a few times, and I'll be wearing it on Saturday.

    Oh yes...... my dream..... I have a dream ... that one day I will see Oz Kanka in ANKRAGUCU colours !!!

    Perchance on Sunday ???

    Get off that fence Oz !!!

  6. Perhaps one day Sir Eski Kanka, but not this Sunday as I doubt I will even be able to get to the match. Mrs. Oz Kanka is away and I've sorted out the nanny to look after Little Oz Kanka on Saturday but not yet for Sunday.

    There is still achance though (of me showing up, not of wearing Ankargucu colours).

  7. Mmmmmm jolly bad form old boy. It is just not the British way !!

    Oh yes, and you do have some British blood coursing through your body mixed in with all that alcoholic liquid !!!

    Go on...I dare you to wear Blue and Yellow ...... no.... make that a double dare !!

  8. Perhaps another poll about changing the Laws of the Game to include more severe punishments for showing dissent and for play-acting to try and fool the referee ???

    See my recent blog under the heading....MOVING THE GOALPOSTS - THE ARGUMENT RAGES ON.