Monday, September 17, 2007

Capa resigns as Genclerbirligi coach - the curse?

Latest from the wires!!!!

Ankara - Stung by the harsh criticism coming from this blog after the rubbish display that was the 0-2 loss to Manisa on Sunday, Fuat Capa on Monday evening resigned as Genclerbirligi coach rather than actually face the sack.

According to an official statement released by Genclerbirligi late Monday night, Capa handed in a signed resignation form which was duly accepted.

Capa was not immediately available for comment but appeared to have been forced out despite sounding defiant on Sunday night when he told members of the most honourable profession of scribes that he would not resign and that he would fight on.

However, sources close to the club speaking to "The round ball in Ankara" via the Anatolian news agency said it was a case of either Capa resigning or being sacked.

Capa was in charge at Genclerbirligi for five league games in which he recorded just one win, a draw and three losses. Capa's assistant coaches Mustafa Kaplan and Ozcan Bizati also fell on their swords.


So Capa is gone. Who the hell do we turn to now.

Scary though. This blog only had to suggest that we get an interview and bang... Capa is history.


  1. And I thought the Istanbul clubs had revolving doors in the coaches about Fatih Terim......and do your national duty by removing him from the Milli Takim...of course relegation would be the result but at least you would have some good excuses....

  2. This is bloody madness. Where is Capa's spine ? In his arse no doubt !

    Does he really believe that 6 matches is a true reflection of a Club's ability ? Atakule was not built in a day !!

    If I was a Gencler supporter I really would be in despair at the moment. Where do we go from here Oz Kanka asks ? The answer is obvious.....

    Cavcav must get down on his knees and beg Ersun Yanal to come back and give him the dosh to strengthen the team. QED !!!

  3. Capa's spine? It does seem as if he was "pushed" into resigning.

    As for Yanal. There is a small article in Hurriyet this morning suggesting that he could be coming back. I doubt it though.

    Head in hands depression time.

  4. I never thought I would say this, but....I agree with Gulay. PLEASE hire Terim on the condition that he must resign from the Milli Takim. PLEASE!!!

    If I'm not mistaken, isn't this Gencler's 27th coach since last season?

  5. Nathan is becoming a famous personality in Fener circles, however, he is not noted for his ability at Mathematics.

    In fact it's Gencler's 28th coach since last season and not 27th !!!

  6. Anonymous4:28 am

    How about that guy named Jose Mourinho?

    Last time I checked he is still looking for a job. :D