Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Stumpf signs for Genclerbirligi

Reinhard Stumpf signed on the dotted line this morning and we now have ourselves a coach. No idea what the salary deal is, nothing in the agency reports.

Which has got me thinking. Turkish people, whether be friends or strangers, have no sense of embarrassment when it comes to asking how much I earn but then when it comes to things like footballers salaries practically no information is ever given, the exact opposite to where I come from.

Stumpf gave all the required cliched answers to questions from reporters at today's signing. "Genclerbirligi were a very good team when I was playing in Turkey," "In my opinion the training facilities (of Gencler) are the best"... etc etc

Although I did like what he said when asked what he thought of our 1-1 draw with Konya over the weekend, saying something about not enough attack! Too damn right.

Good luck Herr Stumpf.


  1. I agree.

    Good luck Herr Stumpf.

    It is not a pretty sight to see Gencler (last season ANKARAGUCU) down in the relegation zone, even at this early stage in the season.

    So, over to you Herr Stumpf to rectify the situation. Saldir Saldir is the way !!

  2. Are coaches' and players' salaries usually not disclosed in Turkiye? I ask because I am taking a law class here at university currently, and we are studying the contractual terms of sport coaches. It's generally public information here in Yankland, but it's amazing the "perks" that are thrown in to these contracts.

  3. Perks like what?

    Free entrance to the local lap-dancing club?