Saturday, September 15, 2007

Season tickets for Genclerbirligi sorted

I have to admit that I did take money off Smart Arse Yankee Kanka, Mrs. Smart Arse Yankee Kanka, French Kanka Hande and Spine quite a while ago in order to buy Genclerbirligi season tickets for Gecekondu. At the time Mr. Cavcav was punishing us Maraton supporters by not selling season tickets for where we normally sit.

Our plan at the time was to buy Gecekondu season tickets but pretty much only use them for the big matches when the prices skyrocket. A match against Rize, for example, might cost us 2 tl, a match against Galatasaray might cost us 60 tl.

Anyway, I pocketed their money and didn't buy any season tickets.

But there has been good news. Ilhan Cavcav has decided that rather than bite off the hand that feeds him, it might be a good idea to actually give us a break. So, with a warning of just two days, it was announced that season tickets will be on sale for the Maraton stand. After much scurrying around I got together a whole heap of photocopied identifications and today I managed to get down to the Genclerbirligi bunker.

Being such late notice I wasn't able to buy tickets for all. For those who did supply me with ID, I've got your tickets. For Flying Dutchman Kanka Carlo and French Kanka Hande all I can ask is please do not get arrested during the season as I'm sure Mrs. Oz Kanka Elif and her Dad (whose IDs I nicked today) wouldn't be too pleased.

Below: Proof that I actually got the season tickets.


  1. Congratulations to Gencler for seeing sense at last.

    Liked the photos of the kombine cards, but liked the background more. Is it a Kayseri Bunyan or an Isparta carpet me wonders ??!!

    By the way, I received my ANKARAGUCU kombine ticket for Maraton 3 weeks ago FREE and I didn't have to show my ID. Perhaps because I'm so trustworthy ??!!!

    Thanks to Huseyin Kanka for arranging it. I owe him more than a few beers !!

  2. Anonymous2:13 pm