Thursday, October 25, 2007


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Breaking news just out a few minutes ago.......

The ANKARAGUCU coach, Hans Peter Briegel has been dismissed after only a few months in post.

Oz Kanka was first to pick it up and he sends this report .....

`According to the Anatolian news agency report, which only quotes "sources", at a team meeting yesterday Briegel told the players "you are two faced, you have no character". some of the players then went off and complained to Aydin. Briegel was then put "on leave". Seems no one has told him though as he is at the club as we speak waiting for an explanation. The team trained without him today.`

Then, according to Maniac Kanka, there has been friction between Cemal Aydin and Briegel about recent team selections. Ahmet Dursun has not played for a few weeks and Aydin was not happy about it. Also, it came to a head when Briegel left out El Yasa from last Monday's team and played Da Silva in his position.

Well, we all know that El Yasa is by far the better player, so why he did this only he can answer.

It seems to me that if you are not a `yes man` then your future at this Club is not secure. Take the case of Ersun Yanal and Hikmet Karaman as examples of experienced coaches not being given the authority or the time to build a successful team.

So, Herr Briegel, if you read this then I wish you well. Thank you for doing your best for ANKARAGUCU and I'm sorry you were not given the time to put all your ideas into building this Club into a strong force again.

What now ? Probably Hakan Kutlu will be given the job. He has proved over many years that he is Cemal Aydin's `boy` ! There is a word in Turkish which sums it up nicely........ TORPIL !!!

Translation...... It's not what you know, but........... WHO !!!

Watch this space for more. All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

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  1. Anonymous5:25 pm

    It seems we may be hearing an all too familiar chant in the stadium again soon, especially if Gucu start to go down after Herr Briegel's dismissal. What the hey? I'll start it. Damn you Aydin! Yonetim Istifa!