Monday, October 15, 2007


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

With no league footie last weekend I think some words should be said about the Yooro 2008 matches played.

Firstly, I was in Antalya and only saw the Turkey v Moldova match, so perhaps some of you may wish to comment here about that one and the others.

Scotland is leading the way with a fine run of victories. I don’t want to put the kiss of death on them, but their fate is now in their own hands. One point ahead of Italy and two ahead of France is a senario which would have been accepted without question at day one !

It seemed to me that Mr McLeish put out a defensive line-up against Ukraine last Saturday, expecting them to attack from the start. However, I’m sure he was as surprised as everyone else when Scotland went two up in the first half. Success breeds confidence as they say, and the Scottish players deserve credit for their recent performances.

Who would have thought when the draw was made that it would be France and Italy shitting themselves with 2 matches remaining ??!!

A win on Wednesday in Georgia would really make the Eye-Ties shake in their troosirs for the visit to Hampden. The Frogs will be hoping for a Scotland victory and to qualify `by the back door`. Bring it on I say !!

Well done Ingallind, and like Scotland, they have their destiny in their own hands. A win in Russia will do nicely thank you very much.

The prospect of playing on an artificial pitch should not worry them. After all, they are professionals and I understand they have been practicing on a similar pitch in the south of England somewhere.

Also, I recall about 3 years ago, Hibbie Kanka and I went to see Hibs play Dunfermline for the first competative match on their artificial pitch and we didn’t lose !! Is there an omen there ?!

Turkey also find themselves in a similar situation with the ball in their own court. They are one point ahead of Norway and so there is no room for manoeuvre now. They must attack and win their last 3 matches. Shit or bust !

There are sure to be some sharp intakes of breath on Wednesday and perhaps some holding of the breath too !!

All the best from Upbeat Eski Kanka Jim


  1. I don't know if I agree with your view of Scotland being defensive, pretty much a 4-4-2 and a 'Up and at Em@ approach from the start.

    Ukraine came back at Scotland very well after going two down in ten minutes but in the end a comfortable victory for Scotland.

    I would be lying if I said I expected it but was more than happy to take the three points.

    Still a long way to go for qualification.

  2. I can't comment as I didn't see any round ball stuff on the weekend. During the Turkey-Moldova match I was watching first Leeds beat up St Helens in the rugby league final and then England - France in the union.