Saturday, October 27, 2007

Yenikent proves to be a sticky wicket for Genclerbirligi

In the end I never made it half way to Istanbul for today's Ankaraspor-Genclerbirligi match... and quite frankly I'm glad I didn't have the time.

The reason being was that I was playing cricket for the Red Lion Club against Middle East Technical University. If I had scored a half century perhaps this entire post would be about the cricket, but no, I was run out with nothing on the board.

Oh, and METU beat us by about 15 runs. At least it was a close run thing. Unlike the result out at the Yenikent Stadium.

Gokcekspor 2 - 0 Genclerbirligi

This shall be a very short report. The Anatloian news agency gave the vast majority of our players one "x" out of three.

11th Minute: buggering around in the box and Ankaraspor score.

90th Minute: Ferdi for Gokcekspor runs with the ball, is one-on-one with Jesus and scores.

That's it. I'm too depressed. We are now sitting bloody low in the table and something has to be done or else Oftas may be the only Genclerbirligi in the top flight next season!

Now I have to go and set my alarm clock for tomorrow morning's third v fourth match in the cricket.

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  1. Oz Kanka, you should have accepted my offer to be your `runner` at cricket yesterday !!!

    Let's hope ANKARAGUCU can restore some pride in Buyuk Baskent today against the Tea Boys !