Monday, October 29, 2007

Stumpf sacked

What is the record for the number of managers a team has had in a season? I have no idea but Genclerbirligi must be going for the record after it was announced today that Reinhard Stumpf has been sacked.

So this year we have had:

Ersun Yanal, who resigned within a day or two after signing on after the club sold Draminu.

Fuat Capa, sacked after six matches.

Reinhard Stumpf, sacked after four matches.

Genclerbirligi are in dire straights at the moment, just one point away from the relegation zone. On paper we have a good team but something is just not right.

News reports today have linked Bulent Korkmaz, Riza Calimbay, Flying Dutchman Kanka Carlo and Erdogan Arica to the vacant position.

Whoever we end up getting I hope it is for longer than just a couple of weeks.

It certainly is difficult to keep the enthusiasm going ...

EDIT (Tuesday morning): As Fenerfan pointed out in the comments section of this post Bulent Korkmaz has made an "in principle" deal to take over the position. Reports say Flying Dutchman Kanka Carlo would have got the job if he hadn't sent in his CV using the Word 2007 file extension .docx which Gencler's Windows 95 computers couldn't open.


  1. This is obviously what is referred to as The Crazy Season !

    Perhaps Gencler should `nick` the OFTAS coach..... nah.... on 2nd thoughts, let's go for a tried and trusted option....

    Flying Dutchman Kanka Carlo !!!

  2. Anonymous2:51 am

    Bulent Korkmaz is your new coach.

  3. Anonymous10:23 am

    Well, it was said by a fellow Dutchman last night (alas over a beer in the Pub) that our Monday evening footy team would even be able to stand against a team such as Besiktas ;-)

    Yesterday the 'Dutch school' was prevalent in our play again; as in reaching the goal-line and crossing the ball in for a shot or header. Unfortunately one cannot find any player at the Gencler team who is able to 'go over his man' and reach that goal-line.

    I know wingers are not of this time and age anymore but as we could have seen in the Gencler matches this is were a lot of open space lies waiting for a fast, speedy player to make his action. Nick Carle would be good here but Mr. Stumpf had him play in the center.

    Further I agree with Oz Kanka keeping ones enthusiasm becomes increasingly difficult especially with a chairman like ours at the helm.


  4. I don't want to put the kiss of death on Korkmaz and Gencler, but.....

    he was not a `yes man` in Kayseri or Bursa, so the omens are not good.

    Therefore, it would seem sensible that Flying Dutchman Kanka Carlo reformats his CV into Windows 95 and ..... hold your breath for another appointment to be made imminately !!

  5. what a least we wait until the end of the season although with Feldkampf he might not physically last that long....knock on wood