Sunday, November 04, 2007

Can it get more depressing? ... probably

What a load of crap. I've been watching Genclerbirligi for quite a few years now and quite frankly I'm not sure how I can continue.

We have decent players, we have 27 fans, today we had bright sunshine, but still we were served up absolute rubbish.

Genclerbirligi 1 - 2 Denizlispor

A shortage of Genclerbirligi Kankas today thanks to Roger promising Cornish pastries and free beer at the Red Lion Club for those who wanted to join him for the Norwich City - Ipswich match meant that it was just myself, Alpine Kanka Wolfgang and the two mini-Alpine Kankas down at the Chopin Bar.

I enjoyed my chicken kebab and beers and we left with plenty of time to get to the stadium only to find that Cavcav had actually opened more gates than usual. We got into the stadium in about a minute, as opposed to about 45 minutes last time, and wished we had stayed at the Chopin for another beer.

But onto the match. Yawn.

Turtles, snails, Jim deciding whether to shout a round... all are a billion times faster than the way Genclerbirligi played today. We had posession, we had the midfield, but if you are going to play so bloody slowly is it any wonder that the defence can get back!

Let me state it quite clearly, Denizli were crap. The fact that we didn't even get a shot on goal in the first half had bugger all to do with their defence but a damn lot to do with our attack.

Us fans were singing away with 5,000 percent more energy than the Gencler players were displaying. At half time I was hanging my head in shame.

Second half and our new coach Bulent Korkmaz must have said ... "more of the same please" because we saw more bloody crap.

Just re-read my account of the first half to get an idea.

Then Denizli got lucky with a penalty (accidental handball in the box). They converted. 0-1

Okay, we are down. Time to pick up the tempo perhaps. Ah perhaps, but not before a basic mistake from Isaac Promise as he tried to head down a ball to one of our players but instead found one of theirs in our half, a couple of passes later and it was 0-2.

This was embarrassing and finally the Gencler players knew it. Ten minutes left in the match and we started playing. Fast balls through to people in space... floated crosses to people like Okan and Kahe who knew what to do with them. We were creating chances and the Denizli goalkeeper finally had to do some work.

We got one back when Nick Carle sent in a corner pretty much perfectly into the box where Isaac Promise was bloody lucky to be there.

Quite frankly it was the only decent thing Isaac did all match.

I lost count of the number of times Isaac ... blindly passed to an empty space.

I lost count of the number of times he ... tried a smart back flick which went straight to the opposition.

I lost count of the number of times ... when we were on the attack with players ready to recieve the ball, Isaac backtracked.

Why on earth Korkmaz kept him on for the full 90 minutes I have no idea.

Having given Isaac a lot of stick I'd like to point out that the way we are playing at the moment is not suited to his style. Isaac is fast. He can get behind defenders, especially when we are on the counter attack. Our style also doesn't seem to suit Nick Carle. We need Carle to distribute balls through gaps to players running on to the ball, but we can't do that if it takes 15 minutes to get the ball from the keeper into the opposition's half.

Dear God,
Is this punishment for me supporting South Africa in the Rugby World Cup final? I swear I will never do it again.
Oz Kanka


  1. Not a pretty picture being painted by Oz Kanka and his frustration is quite apparent.

    If it is any consolation, we ANKARAGUCU supporters have been there many times in the past and could quite possibly be joining you soon in the bottom half of the league !!

    With Gencler scheduled to play at Ali Sami next Sunday night it doesn't get any easier !!

  2. it ain't only about losin'. i have never seen my team playing so crappy and reluctantly for a long long time. however, i think we are lucky we play with galatasaray next week, because as y'all know, anti-byzantian teams have more motivation against the istanbul oligarchy. unless they have some off-the-pitch motivation to play reluctantly.

  3. Ertank wrote: "unless they have some off-the-pitch motivation to play reluctantly."

    Whatever could you be suggesting? :)