Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Getting your priorities right

I saw an interesting story on the Milliyet website today concerning a suggested new way to deal with penalties for teams whose supporters run amok, instead of banning all spectators just ban males aged over 11 years of age.

The proposal has been suggested by Nationalist Movement Party parliamentarian Osman Cakir and has been submitted to parliament.

"When you look at the profile of spectators you can see that the ugly chantings are uttered by men and women tend to stay away from using bad and ugly words in public areas," said Cakir who clearly hasn't sat next to French Kanka Hande as Gencler stuff up yet another clear shot on goal.

But it is an interesting proposal, allowing in for free only women and kiddies to the matches . I wonder what sort of numbers would show up.

The proposed legislation is of course going to die a quick death as it is probably in conflict with recent proposed changes to the laws that govern the football federation, not to mention Article 10 of the constitution which prohibits discrimination based on "language, race, colour, sex, political opinion, football club affiliation, philosophical convictions or religious beliefs".

Anyway, the good thing is that our parliamentarians are at least addressing the pressing issues that face Turkey today. Next up on the to do list: create a special "state sports person" category... er ... bloody hell, they are actually thinking of doing this.


  1. Great idea ! Why punish the innocent. However, as with every rule ever made, there should be exceptions, eg.... and to use Battle Damaged Kanka's words (well... almost !)....

    Entry to the Stadium will be allowed for Ladies, children under 11 and... mature and sensible looking foreign men who are wearing stylish clothing, ie, Blue trousers, blue socks with yellow trimmings, blue shirt, blue and yellow tie and blue shoes with yellow soles !!!

    That should get one of us in at least ??!!

  2. I love being a lady...!!! no bad words from me ...ever...