Thursday, July 01, 2010


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Further to yesterday's news concerning Vittek, it was reported in The Hurriyet this morning that he was misquoted in the German Press.

Apparently, a senior member of the Ankaragucu Committee phoned Vittek and he disputed that he had said that Turkish football was not for him and he wanted to join a Bundeslig Club.

Either this is true, or ......... he is back-tracking ! As Dublin Neil said in his comments in the previous post ......... he would not want to suffer the wrath of Gecikondu or Anti-X if he didn't find a Club and had to return to Ankaragucu with 'his tail between his legs' !!!

Anyway, we shall know for sure on the 21st of July if he shows up in Holland to join the team for their Summer Camp !

The situation concerning Giovanni and Rothen is still ongoing. Both players have received offers from Ankaragucu and we await their decision in the next day or so.

The picture is clearer concerning Club Captain Hurriyet, Ucar and Guven. There was a photo-call yesterday which was shown in The Hurriyet this morning.

Club Captain Hurriyet has signed for 5 years, Ucar for 4 years and Guven for 3 years.

Watch this space for more.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. Anonymous4:19 pm

    Any word on Vassell Jim?He's been quoted over here as saying he intends to stay in Turkey and wants to find himself another club in the Super Lig.

    Dublin Neil.

  2. No, I haven't heard that one Neil.

    However, if it is true, and if it comes to the ears of Ahmet Gokcek, then if I were him I would make Vassel an offer he can't refuse to bring him back here.

    It would go down well with the fans and I'm sure it might impress the hell out of Vittek that the Club is serious about making a strong challenge in this the Centenery Year.

  3. hahahahha , i will never forget today fellas!!!
    my happiest day!!

    i dont know whether you heard that happening or not but let me recount you the wonderful news : our curse infront of the nets - a.k.a. serkan kırıntılı - had been sacked by our coach today on account of his inappropriate behaviours !!!
    also he applied same process to aydin karabulut , sorry for him but i cant hide my gratidute for ümit özat's kick in serkan's ass !!!

    go to hell serkan , wish we would never encounter again!!!

  4. Anonymous10:01 pm

    its a blow to loose serkan and aydin imo as they are very talanted players, but if there behaviour was effecting the team then its better they move. Who will replace serkan as bora is the only other experienced goalkeeper?


  5. Anonymous11:07 pm

    in other news Ankaragucu have signed Abdullah Keseroglu from Onsabruck in Germany, he trained with the team today. Also Theo Weeks is back with the team and Ugur Demirkol will join Aydin and Serkan leaving the club.

    I cant quite translate a story i saw on sporlou website, but im sure it was saying Stefan Senecky the czech goalkeeper we had last season from Ankaraspor is returning to the club.