Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

I have a dream ! Who said that ??? I forgetted !!!

Well, anyway, I was sitting on my balcony tonight (drinking luvvlie yummy Efes !) thinking about the league season about to get underway and my first thought was that John Hughes, Manager of Hibs, is still with the Club for a 2nd season having steered the Club to the Europa Cup. After all, as all Hibs supporters know, it is our God given right to be in Yooro Footie !!!

John Hughes is a Leith Boy and a lifelong Hibs supporter, but he did strut his best stuff as a player for Celtic before he joined Hibs as a player. So, it got me to thinking ........... if he is more successful with Hibs this season, will he be lured to 'bigger clubs' in Scotland or Ingallind ? Or, will he remain faithful to his home-town team ? Dare I mention, Sir Alex Ferguson or Arsne Wenger as examples of long-term loyalty ??

I am not naive enough to think that loyalty pays the bills, but would it be foolish to dream that he might stay with Hibs for a lengthy period of time to put his ideas into fruition for the Club he always supported ?

Which brings me to Ankaragucu ..........

Before a ball has even been kicked in 'anger', I am hearing lottsa negative comments from Ankaragucu supporters about our new coach Umit Ozat. OK, he never played for the Club or even supported the Club, but the fact remains that we have to give him the support he deserves and 'dream' that he can bring success to the Club.

However, if he does, then there is always the lure of bigger bucks in Istanbul !

Will he, and the majority of the Ankaragucu fans, show some loyalty to this great Club in their Centenery Year ? Let's dream about it ......... for now !!

So, putting dreams aside for the moment, we all know that it comes down to bucks and fame, eg, when Tony Mowbray left Hibs to Manage West Bromwich Albion he saw it as a career move 'upwards'. He then joined Celtic and that turned out to be a catastrophe with his eventual dismissal. So, where is his career now ??!!

Hopefully, for Hibs supporters, John Hughes will not fall into the same trap ........ at least until he achieves some sort of success for Hibs which Tony Mowbray didn't !

What's in Unit Ozat's mind right now ? Avoid relagation ? Challenge for Yooro Footie ? Make Ankaragucu supporters happy in their Centenery Year ? Impress Fenerbahce with his coaching ability ? We shall see soon enough !!!

For now ....... let's dream a little ....... shall we ??!!

All the best from The Dreamer ........ Eski Kanka Jim


  1. Anonymous9:30 pm

    i agree Jim, we need to give Umit Ozat a chance and get behind him. He was a succesfull player and captained the likes of Fenerbahce and Koln.

    My worry is more about the players, still we lack quality in attack. Vittek deal still not done and we are been linked with Rodrigo Tello, Dennis Rommedahl and Umit Karan tonight. Id rather have Vittek.

    As for Hibs, they may even end up above Rangers the way we are going the now


  2. Anonymous12:31 pm

    Jim there was a preparatory match between AG and Sivas in SARAY facilities and AG win the match 3-0.
    Despite of my prejudice and adverse decision on Ü.Özat it looks that he will succeed incase the fans give him reasonable credit.
    And also today there is a rumour that AG rented Delgado & holosko from Beşiktaş which will significantly reinforce our team for next season.
    Im getting hopefull day by day.


  3. Yes Volkan. Good to hear some positive words about Umit Bey.

    I saw that report in The Hurriyet this morning and I have to confess that I 'smirked'.

    Of course, it would be great if one or both of them joined us, but ....... seeing is believing. With BJK still in The Champions League the players may not wish to leave them at this point.

    On the other hand, if BJK is saying ..... we don't want you ....... then perhaps it might be the spur to send them down the road to us.

    Let's wait for the players reaction.

  4. Anonymous9:25 pm

    Good start for Unit and the boys. Please let delgado and holosko come. I will be getting Delgado on my Ankaragucu top when i come over if he does lol


  5. From The Hurriyet this morning (18 July) ...

    Delgado gives an emphatic 'NO' to a move to Ankaragucu. No surprises there I think !

    However, Holosko, Vittek and Sapara are still considering their futures and news is still awaited about their decisions.