Friday, July 30, 2010

Sports Writers Cup

Details of the Ankara Sports Writers Cup have been announced with only two teams taking part this year, Ankaragucu and Genclerbirligi.

Sunday August 8
KO: 8 pm
at the 19 Mayis
Tickets: 10 tl for Maraton.

I have no idea if the fans will be separated or not.


  1. Anonymous8:31 pm

    we lost another pre season game. 1-0 against zwolle. I know its only pre season but we need to bring in a couple of players or it could be another long hard season.

    Anyone know whats happening with Serkan?


  2. Anonymous7:46 am

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  3. I am planning to visit Maniac Kanka tomorra, so perhaps he will have some hot news about Serkan and other issues. Watch this space as always.

    Re Sunday .... and I'm sure the fans will be segregated. My guess is that Ankaragucu will have the 'home' section.

    Look forward to meeting all our Gencler kankas in the Beer Bus before and ........ after the match .... irrespective of the score !!!

  4. Anonymous7:32 pm

    can anyone translate this link below from the gecekondu website. its something about 35 million and ahmet gokcek


  5. Translations are the domain of Oz Kanka and Spine. Over to you chaps !!

    Harun told me yesterday that about 6 or 7 players have been punished financially for not doing what they were supposed to do in training.

    Serkan was one of them and he has been temporarily suspended from the team by our coach. Therefore it seems that Senecky will be between the sticks on Sunday.

  6. Anonymous7:52 pm

    as you know Gecekondu has serious problems with the Gokcek family and in the ref. link they are asking M.Gökçek about one of his promises that they belive he has raised prior to and during the president election that they were elected.
    The promise is 35 millions of contribution to the club in cash.
    I do not know whether they have given this promise or not but if this club still transfers International players to reinforce its squad which has never occured through all the clubs history and for me the PROMISE IS DONE.
    I do believe that Gecekondu has to spent all his effort to support the team not to fight with Gökcek family.

  7. Totally agree with Volkan, and btw, thanks for doing the translation thingie.

    I have been in conflict with some of the kankas for some time now on the subject of the Gokceks and I am generally alone in my support of them.

    I'm not saying that it is a perfect situation, but I'm a realist and it's all we've got.

    Unlike some of the other kankas, I don't want to bring politics into sport. All I'm looking at is for Ankaragucu to challenge the Istanbul teams and be successful. Who takes us there is neither here nor there, as long as they are sincere and determined in their efforts.

    Let's hope all the tribunes can get behind the team and the backroom staff to make a serious effort for success this season.

    Let's face it, if we start by playing the way we finished last season it will be a giant step forward.

  8. Anonymous12:58 am

    volkan thanks for the translation. The transfers of vittek,sapara, sestak are certainly good transfers. I like the way gokcek is always at the matches and training sessions, i just hope he keeps everything above board and doesnt get ankaragucu in trouble like ankaraspor