Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Makes you want to cry

Ankaraspor have now been kicked out of all football in Turkey. Careful Ankaragucu, your connections with Gokcek mean you could well be next.


  1. Anonymous9:13 pm

    ANKARA (A.A) - Süper Lig'de, 2010-2011 sezonunun başlamasına kısa bir süre kala, Gençlerbirliği'nde, futbolcuların forma numaraları belli oldu.
    Kulüpten yapılan açıklamada, kırmızı-siyahlı oyuncuların 1 ile 90 arasındaki numaraları seçtikleri belirtildi.
    Yeni transferlerden Boşnak golcü Ermin Zec 10, Michael Stewart 23, Billy Mehmet 9 numaralı formayı terletecek.
    Takım kaptanı kaleci Serdar Kulbilge (1), Orhan (67), Murat (69), Hurşut (17) ve Bilal (61) geçen sezon olduğu gibi yine aynı numaralı formaları taşıyacak.
    Gençlerbirliği'nde yeni sezonda futbolcuların forma numaraları şöyle:
    1 Serdar Kulbilge
    3 Alparslan Erdem
    4 Aykut Demir
    5 Debatik Curri
    6 Ante Kuluşiç
    7 Serkan Çalık
    8 Labinot Harbuzi
    9 Billy Mehmet
    10 Ermin Zec
    11 Mustafa Pektemek
    13 Oktay Delibalta
    14 Michael J.Jedinak
    17 Hurşut Meriç
    19 Bekim Balaj
    20 Soner Aydoğdu
    22 Ramazan Köse
    23 Michael J.Stewart
    26 Mahmut Boz
    27 Cem Atan
    28 Mehmet Akgün
    40 Cem Can
    55 Emre Balak
    58 Özkan Karabulut
    61 Bilal Çubukçu
    67 Orhan Şam
    69 Murat Kalkan
    90 Sebahattin Usta


  2. Thanks for that Spine. I'm now transcribing that to my post-it note.

  3. Mountaineering Kanka4:11 pm

    Good riddance.

  4. Anonymous6:00 pm

    i still dont know what to make of the gokceks. They seem as dodgy as they come, but are we better with them or without ?


  5. Anonymous10:41 pm

    gencler have a good squad this season oz kanka, some good signings in stewert, mehmet and the two albanians, but the best news is you still have mustafa pektenek.

    Kankas- we are close to signing Stanislav Sestak from Bochum, he is another slovenian to join sapara, vittek, senecky who plays on the wing.

    Senecky is injured for 6 weeks, wonder if serkan will be brought back.

    anyone know if aydin karabulut is away yet and if ediz has moved to bucaspor yet?


  6. sestak has came to ankara and in a few days he will pen a year deal.
    also i have been hearing lots of rumor that we also came to an agreement with left back player of club brugge. here his profile :

    this will end up in clarity till tsyd cup.

    also , i know it sounds extraordinary but some say our board is also trying to convince winger of roma , rodrigo taddei , to join ankaragücü.
    i dont know if this is bullshit or not but till the new season got commenced , the clouds will be vanished i guess.

  7. Yeah, good news that Sestak is coming. There was an article in The Hurriyet this morning (Friday) about it, so it must be true !!!

    As for the others, seeing is believing !!!

    I don't think Serkan will play on Sunday - a punishment is a punishment ! Probably new signing Ozden ?

  8. yeah jim , as of now serkan's all linkages with ankara is chop off. dont expect to see him again at 19 mayıs. on account of stefan's injury , özden will take the gloves for one or two months.

  9. Anonymous6:04 pm

    does anyone know whats happening with roguy meye ? there are reports about him today but i dont know what there about


  10. Anonymous12:55 am

    ok kankas its taken me all day to work this out, but we have completed the signings of Sestak and Roguy Meye. Meye was on loan last season and signs on a free transfer from Ankaraspor.

    good signings


  11. Yeah. I share Nadeem's feelings about Meye, but according to The Hurriyet this morning (Saturday) he is going to Saraykoy (never heard of that team before !).

    Meye only featured a few times last season, but from what I saw, I was optimistic that he would form a successful partnership with Vassell up front.

    He's a big strong lad and just the type of player we need up front with Vittek.

    As you know, I like aggresive players in the team who are willing to put themselves about a bit and give defenders a torid time of it !

    Not 'powder puff' players like Duruer or Cakir !!

    However, as Ankaragucu supporters, we never say never. If Meye doesn't return, perhaps we can hope that Michael Klukowski will join us from Brugge ??!!

    Can you believe that I started to take my Optimism Pills again for the coming season ???

  12. Anonymous1:32 pm

    hi jim,

    Meye was on the official website today training with the first team. As you say ive never heard of Sakaroy either.

    Were close to filling our foreign quota. Remember new rules allow us 10 in total. With 6 in the first team, 2 on the bench and 2 unregistred for the game. so we have

    stefan senckey
    robert vittek
    marek sapara
    stanislav sestak
    michael zelakowv
    theo weeks
    ruguy meye

    so we have 3 spaces left, the boy from brugges looks as if he will take up one of those spaces aswell. Im a bit dissapointed that Broggi wasnt signed . i liked him.


  13. Anonymous1:37 pm

    make that 8 foreign players we have, i forgot about jan rajnoch