Monday, August 23, 2010


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Dare we believe that Ankaragucu can maintain this form ? Optimistic answers only please !


OK, I admit it ............. the result was a surprise, but all credit to the team for taking their chances and sticking the ball between the sticks three times.

Team line-up ...

Ugur, Aydin, Zewlakow and Klukowsi
Hurriyet, Guven, Sapara and Sestak
Ozgur and Metin

2nd Half Substitutes used - Adem, Rajnoch and Meye

Battle Damaged Kanka and I arrived at The Beer Bus Bar and were 'treated' to watching the 1st half of the Gencler v Antep match. Hey Oz, when is Gencler going to score a bloody goal ???

We then watched Booooorrrrrssssaaaa tear into Galatasaray and send Galatasaray to the bottom of the League with zero points yessssssss. I wonder if Es-Es can continue where Bursa left off next week ??!!

Half way through the Bursa match the Gencler Kankas returned from the Stadium - Oz, Spine, Dan and his beautiful daughter.

We were about to call it a night at the final whistle when Hawkeye Dan noticed that the Ankaragucu match was showing in a pub further down the street. I was a wee bit too inebriated to notice its name !! So off we went there.

At this point, Ankaragucu was 1-0 up, Sestak had opened the scoring in the 1st half.

We had no sooner settled ourselves in our new pub when Ozgur slotted in No2, followed soon after by No3 from Guven. Cue ... break into song ....

lie lie lie lie lie lie Ankaaaaaarrrrrraaaaaaagoooojooooo !!!!

Can't give the details of the goals .... see previous admission ..... too inebriated !!!

We finally poured ourselves out of Sakarya Caddesi well after midnight and I'm writing this with a bloody hangover. However, do I care ? Noooooooo !!!!

Ankaragucu will be at home next week on Friday night to top of the league Kayseri in an empty Stadium. I guess we'll be in that new pub again to watch it. KO time to be announced later by Oz Kanka.

All the best from a buoyant Eski Kanka Jim


  1. Anonymous11:32 am

    Hello! As you can see i checked your blog(it's interesting to see how some people are so much into football- now i understand what you were saying the last night about your passion for this sport) and i am very pleased to see that you mention me in your last post. Thanks for the nice evening! why don't you come tonight to see my father playing football?(i'm coming with him and i get bored watching alone).Delia

  2. Anonymous2:04 pm

    what a day for me, both Rangers and Ankaragucu won with slovakians in Vladamir Weiss and Stansislav Sestak stealing the headline. Sorry Jim lol.

    I have to say i was very impressed with ankaragucu, we defended well and scored some good goals, Guven Varols goal was a cracker.

    The only negative thing i would say, is that Ozden in Goal looks very dodgy at handling the ball, looks a good shot stopper but the sooner we get Senecky back the better.


  3. Thanks for your kind words Delia. It was a pleasure to meet you at last after all the nice things I heard about YOU from your Fab Dad and Yaprak.

    We had plenty of things to cheer about last night. Ankaragucu won, Bursa won, Gencler didn't lose !!! .... and cough cough .... we won't mention Hibs shall we ??!!

    I hope you and your dad will have more cheering to do on Thursday night up on the Black Sea coast ! I prophesy an early goal for Liverpool and Trabzon to go OUT !! Yesssssss.

    Sorry I can't make it tonight to see Romania's finest in action, but I have some school business to attend to. However, if you are free next Friday night, please come with your Dad and watch Ankaragucu again.

    Look forward to hearing more comments from you in this Blog in the future.

  4. Anonymous3:51 pm

    Well, I hope we'll be able to come to the Ankaragucu match but the is a little problem: on Friday morning we're coming from Trabzon and on Saturday at 2:30 a.m. I have to leave for Romania. But I really want to join you at the match and hopefully my dad will agree.
    Oh, and regarding my next comments on this Blog, I have to start studying a little about Turkish football :))Delia

  5. Anonymous11:38 pm

    Ankaragucu's third goal was very classy,wonderful finish.
    Trabzon just beat Fener..........ouch!
    Another website for you if you dont know about it already, Has all the goals from most leagues, including Turkey, every weekend.

    Dublin Neil.

  6. Thanks for the link to that website Neil.

    Sestak's goal was fantastic. A great turn of speed to accelerate away from the defender and a cheeky chip over the goalie. That's class !

    I vaguely recall the last two goals from my Efes haze last Sunday night !!!

    The Ankaragucu v Kayseri match will KO at 8pm on Friday. I will go to The Beer Bus Bar first at about 7pm and if they are not showing it, then I'll move up to the pub 2 bars up the street and see if they are showing it. One way or another we will find it showing on that street !!

  7. Anonymous2:24 pm

    Hey Jim I wanted to ask you a favour. It's my Dad's birthday on 30th of August and as I'm not in Ankara anymore we are planning to celebrate it on 27th, which means the matchday. Sooo I was wondering if you and all the guys there would mind drinking one more beer for my Dad. He doesn't really like parties but I'm sure he will enjoy a drink with his friends. He doesn't know about what I'm planning and I pray he will agree to coming there. If there is any problem with this let me know! Delia

  8. OK Delia. Let's hope HE doesn't read this !! Anyway, I'm sure his mind is elsewhere at the moment, ie, Trabzon !!! He must be especially nervous after what Man Shitty did to Liverpool last night !!!

    I'll send an email out to remind the guys to meet in The Beer Bus Bar at about 7pm on Friday. I haven't got your email, but mine is jachalmers94 AT

    Let me know if there is any probs your end.

    btw, when you get to your dad's age (and mine) birthdays are sometimes best forgotten !!!

  9. Anonymous6:02 pm

    What a great start to the turkish season, Everyone is beating everyone, how many times can you say the istanbul teams all lost in the one week ?

    Cant wait till friday


  10. Anonymous3:15 pm

    latest transfer news kankas, we have been linked with Souleymane Youla ex gencler striker who plays with denizlispor. And also Goran Gabric of trabzonspor. 5 days left of the deadline to go


  11. Anonymous7:35 pm

    youlaa? he is one of thosee travellers of Anadoluu i can see no difference between meye and youla and if we are to transfer himm whats the point in sending tita... we want you back rothenn


  12. OK Onur, I take your point, but ..... I've seen Youla play for Gencler against Ankaragucu a few times and been impressed with his stamina and strength.

    It's another option for Umit Bey and I for one welcome another aggressive striker in the team.

    Not sure about Gabric though.