Friday, August 06, 2010

A new boss at Hacettepe

I wouldn't normally report on such a matter but Hacettepe have a new boss... Suphi Yalcinkaya. As I said I wouldn't normally report on this except for the fact that decided to use a picture of me in their news piece.

As far as I can tell that is Alpine Kanka Wolfgang in the background.

Check it out here

The photo does seem a bit familiar. Have a look at our post from two years ago

And in even better news, the TFF have announced that vuvuzelas have been banned from all matches. Hooray!!!!


  1. I have met Suphi Bey a few times in Oz Kanka's company and consider him to be a real gentleman.

    I wish him success in his new post and will not be surprised if Hacettepe return to the Super League in a couple of years time.

    Good news about the Vuvuz !!

  2. I'm just wondering when the TFF is going to tell us the schedule for the first week's matches. It's only a week away and I want to plan my trip to Eskisehir!

    Or perhaps because of the heat all the matches will be played as already stated on their website ie 15.08.2010 00:00

  3. This is one of the most annoying features of the TFF. How many times are we left waiting until the last moment to find out if the match is on a Saturday or Sunday and what time the bloody KO is !

    For example, we have Baggie Kanka Dave and Mrs Baggie Kankie Carol coming in September and Bellshill Kanka Nadeem and Weegie Kankie Rebecca coming in October and we will probably not know which day their matches are until the last moment. Fortunately, they are all arriving on a Friday !

    Bloody frustrating !!!

  4. Jim, it's Turkey, did you expect anything less?

  5. Well, yes I did expect something more Ata.

    Turkey has been a member of FIFA and UEFA for many moons and I was hopeful that they would have learned something very important by now .....

    Fans are the life-blood of the game !!!