Friday, August 27, 2010


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Now that the dust has settled on the latest round of Europa Cup matches ..... ho ho ho titter titter titter (Fener and Galatasaray !!!) ....... it is time to turn our eyes to the Champions League.

However, before we do let's just say ...... well done you Reds from Liverpool. Dan the Man and his beautiful daughter Delia were there last night and I'm sure they will have some stories to tell about the experience of watching a match in the Cauldron of The Avni Aker Stadium ?!

As for the Champions League Group matches ...... it will now be very interesting to test Bellshill Kanka Nadeem's loyalty !

We all know that he is now an Ankaragucu Fanatik, and with that comes an obligatory love of Bursaspor. So, come the 29th of September when he makes his way to Ibrox Stadium in Glasgow, I wonder what colours he will be wearing ??? Will it be blue or ...... GREEN ???

Waiting with growing interest and impatience for that answer !!!

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim the Inquisitor


  1. Anonymous2:53 pm

    The red white and blue is what i will be wearing Jim lol. The famous glasgow rangers will welcome Bursaspor to Ibrox. Were all really looking forward to it.

    A fair few have already booked here trip to Bursa for the return game.

    Would be great if Rangers and Bursa both went through


  2. ........ but doubtful !

    Probably ManYoo and ...... Boooorrrrssssaaaa !

    I'll be in The Beer Bus Bar on 29 September in the ...... GRRRREEEEEEENNNNN yesssssssss !!!!

  3. Anonymous6:59 pm

    "Would be great if Rangers and Bursa both went through"

    Nadeem, have you been drinking?!Seriously if the current state of Scottish football is anything to go by then if one of them were to qualify then surely it will be Bursa.
    Appalling night for Scots teams last night with Celtic being the worst of the bunch.A Round Ball In Ankara XI would have put up a better show!
    Alex Ferguson says he's delighted to get Rangers but its mainly because he reckons he's got 6 handy points in the bag I reckon.
    Hard to see beyond a Man U/ Valencia one two.I just hope Bursa dont "do a Sivasspor" and blow up altogether in, what is for them, unfamiliar territory.

    Dublin Neil.

  4. Jim, I support all Turkish teams in European competition. It would have been better if all the teams got in, as to bump up the UEFA coefficients. By the way, the Turkish league is ranked ninth right now, so hopefully two years from now, Turkey will have six spots available for European competition, and Ankaragucu might have something to aim for. :)

    Also, I was thinking about doing a derby special for the Ankara derby in a few weeks. Maybe you could ask Oz if he might might be interested too.

  5. Dublin Neil is spot on as usual. Hand on heart, it is difficult to see past ManYoo and Valencia.

    The less said about Scottish teams the better me thinks. However, the words disgraceful, pitiful, abysmal come to mind !!!

    Yes Ata. Good idea for 25/26 September. We will also have Baggie Kanka Dave and Baggie Kankie Carol here from England for that one.

    What say you Oz Kanka ?

  6. Bursa cannot hope for such friendly referees as per last weekends Volkan handball in the CL, They will get hammered by Man Utd, seriously anyone who thinks otherwise is an eejit of the first order. Compared to a PL team they are slow, Volkan Sen will be eaten and swallowed by Park and Vidic.

  7. Wise words from Gulay (as usual).

    Of course, it goes without saying that ManYoo will top the group.

    The only question mark is whether Rangers can up their game and turn Valencia over. After all, Valencia don't play in the Scottish Premier League !!!

    A hae ma doots aboot Rangers !!

  8. Anonymous3:28 pm

    jim and neil - you should both now better that you think with your heart when it comes to football lol.

    Its a tough group for us and we will target third place. But imo Man United and Bursaspor will progress from the group.