Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Yes, it is a small world, especially if you support Ankaragucu !

There we were on the Aegean Sea on a boat trip on the Bodrum Peninsula enjoying the 'good life'...... and Eski decides to do one of his stunts, but .... not quite a 'Titanic' stunt !

We arrived at Camel Beach, Near Bagla, and as I was ordering a ..... (Sutas Ayran from the bar ??!!) ....two guys came up to me and asked if they could be photographed with me.

Assuming they were 'tourists', I naturally agreed and it turns out that they were Gecikondu Boys from Kecioren in Ankara ! Small world ?

I didn't get their names due to time constraints, but probably the photos will show up on the Gecikondu Website in due course !

As Dublin Neil said in a previous post comment, it is nigh on impossible to find an Ankaragucu top in Didim or anywhere on the south coast. However, it seems that if you wear one, it might just attract the attention that we deserve, but don't ever receive ?!

Oh yes, and by the way, I didn't fall into the sea and my Ankaragucu top is still in one piece for next year !!

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. You should have done that at the front of the boat and yelled, "I'm the king of the world!" :)

  2. Thanks for that Ata, but it may have been a bridge too far for me !!

    It may well have resulted in someone shouting ............ 'man overboard' !!!!

  3. Anonymous5:49 pm

    thats what i love about turkey, you dont have to leave turkey to have a nice holiday on a beach resort. Cant wait to come back.

    Cant wait till sunday either. I think serkan has been released


  4. Well, as you know Nadeem, Serkan has always been a favourite of the kankas. However, in view of all the stories we have been listening to during the summer I think it is in everyones interests that he moves on.

    If he ever returns to 19 Mayis with another team I envisage a hostile reception for him, especially from Gecikondu and Anti-X.

  5. Anonymous7:35 pm

    i agree jim i think he will get a tough time when he returns, I Like that Umit Ozat has the no taking rubbish stance. Eevryone needs to behave and serkan stepped out of line.


  6. What exactly did Serkan do? I haven't seen it reported anywhere.

  7. Anonymous9:01 pm

    Yeah you got me wondering too.The manager obviously decided to make an example of him?

    Dublin Neil.

  8. Anonymous11:06 pm

    i was reading an article today and it was something to do with sex. a dont know if it was a prostiture like kazim richards and the other fenerbahce player did last season. But it was something like that and other troubles off the park


  9. I'm also unsure. However, I mentioned a few days ago when Harun told me that he had upset Umit Bey by not doing what he was supposed to do at the Training Ground.

    We will have to ask Harun on Sunday about the other thing which Nadeem mentioned.

  10. I saw something in The Hurriyet this morning (Saturday) about Serkan.

    Couldn't see anything about a 'skandal', but, as I understand it, the main focus of the problem is about .... surprise surprise ..... money !

    Apparently he is owed money which he hasn't received and so he just walked out on the Club.

    So, it seems we have a stand-off. Let's see what develops in the next few days.

  11. Anonymous9:42 pm

    just watched the Sivas galatasaray game.Excellent game and Sivas deserved there result. But the most impressive player on the park was Eris Ceyhun our ex captain, he was excellent. Why did we let him go ?

    im also reading the termination of vassell, barbaros and serkan has cost us 4 million ?


  12. Saldir Saldir Ankara !!!

    Ankaragucu's probable team in The Hurriyet this morning (Sunday) looks promising if it is correct.

    Guven, Zewlakow, Ozgur, Rajnoch
    Hurriyet, Aydin, Sapara, Sestak
    Vittek and Meye

    Lots of attacking options there, and let's face it, that's the only way we will have a chance of beating Trabzon. We have to keep their defence busy !!!

  13. Anonymous1:24 pm

    vittek is out injured now jim so sapara will come into replace him. bad news to loose him for 2 weeks


  14. Sorry to hear that Vittek is out. However, I don't think Sapara will replace him - he is too valuable in midfield.

    My guess is that Metin will come in to partner Meye up front.

    btw, Hanlon just put Hibs 2-1 up away to effinmotherwell yesssssss !!!!

  15. Match ended a few minutes ago with Hibs winning 3-2.

    Is that an omen for tonight's match me wonders ??? ..... or will I still need to take my optimism pill ??!!

  16. Anonymous9:23 pm

    unebeleivable. I know Trabzon are a good side but we looked really poor going forward and slow at the back. We missed vittek.

    We need to add a couple of attackers before the window shuts.

    Good win for hibs jim