Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ankaragucu sign Sidney Cristiano dos Santos !

Otherwise known as Tita from Antalyaspor on a 2 year contract. The player held his first Training Session today with the club. The Brazilian born Forward has previously played for Ankaraspor, and also had a spell with Ankaragucu in 2007.

He has spent the last 3 years at Antalyaspor playing 70 games scoring 16 goals. He brings experience to the side and doesn't use up a foreign space having Turkish Citizenship. Funnily enough his Turkish name is Melih Gokcek.

Tita is the 4th new signing after Sestak, Bekir, and Serdar. Damon informed me that we are also on the lookout for a left back and central defender.



  1. But is his Turkish name İ. Melih Gökçek? :)

  2. To answer that question, we should all know that there is only ONE ..... Ibrahim !!!

    On the subject of Tita, yes I agree with you Nadeem that he is an excellent signing. I watched a few of Antalyaspor's matches last season and was impressed with the way he linked up with Necati. Hopefully he can do the same with Sestak et al !

    Interesting that Damon mentioned that we are looking for a central defender when we have Rajnoch and Ediz. Perhaps this is for back which is no bad thing ?

  3. some news just in, Ilhan Parlak has returned to the side after a good season with Karabukspor on loan.

    Jarioslav Cerny and Stefan Senecky are set to leave the club with both of them left out of the pre season training camp. Senecky for me has never been impressive, a couple of good games hear and there but with serdars arival we cant use a foreign space on a sub goalkeeper. Cerny hasnt kicked a ball yet but hasnt done enough to impress bakkal.

  4. Anonymous9:59 am

    Ilhan's return to Ankaragucu was mentioned in The Hurriyet this morning (Saturday) and I agree that this is good news.

    We all remember 'that match' in Karabuk last season when he controlled the midfield, set up a few goals for Eminike and ........ helped himself to a goal too ! Midfield is the 'engine room' of a team and we need players who can keep it well oiled and in good working order !!!

    As for Cerny, he's not worth a mention !

    The team is now in Austria. Later they will go to Germany and Holland. Details of the 'friendlies' when I have them.

    All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

  5. Anonymous12:35 pm

    FB's president Aziz Yıldırım - detained along other 30+ people in an investigation related to match-fixing.
    Gencler seems to be involved as well. Serkan Calik and Serdar Kulbilge (the new Ankaragucu transfer) are among the 30+.
    What a surprise isn't it? Match fixing in Turkish Super Lig? Come on...

  6. Tut Tut, after all the criticism Ankaragucu take for been corrupt, we have Genclerbirlig involved in this scandal. Shocking !!