Thursday, June 23, 2011

Stanislav Sestak signs 3 Year Contract !!

At last some good news for the Kankas of Ankaragucu. Our top Goalscorer with 15 goals last season Stanislav Sestak has signed a 3 year contract with the club. The clubs agreed a fee of £2.9 Million for the Slovakian striker.

The last few weeks the deal has been on and off, and then back on again. Sestak's agent confirmed last night the deal was agreed and paperwork had just to be completed. The Turkish press and Anti X have both confirmed the deal today which is a massive boost to Ankaragucu.

Sestak was on loan last season from Bochum, and won the hearts of the Ankaragucu fans with some fantastic performances and goals. It wasnt just his ability that impressed. It was his commitment as well.

Welcome home Sestak


  1. Anonymous10:28 pm

    Hopefully this is the start of some more good signings for next season.Need a bit of stability and continuity now.Far too much of a merry go round on and off the park the last few seasons.

    Dublin Neil.

  2. i agree neil, it was important that we kept Sestak. We have also tied down Adem for another three years as well.

    Young Bugasspor goalkeeper Bekir will join the club for training on monday as well.

  3. some more news tonight Kankas, Hurriyet Gucer, Theo Weeks and Tonia Tisdel have all returned to the club from loan spells last season.

    We all know about Hurriyet and Weeks and what they can bring to the team. Tisdel is a young Liberian attacking midfielder who impressed on loan at mersin and im looking forward to seeing him in the team next season.

    Hurriyet can be a big player alongside Sapara and Adem in midfield, and young Weeks is good back up alongside kagan. Training starts back on monday.

    PS where are all you lazy lot ? its all went quiet on here lately

  4. Anonymous8:46 am

    OK, I'm a believer ! The Sestak deal was in The Hurriyet this morning (Friday), and as we all know, The Hurriyet never tells porky-pies !!!

    This is great news, especially if the midfield can supply the ammo to Sestak and Fatih up front (and any other new striker which we can sign).

    As good a reason to celebrate as any. Maniac Kanka and I will be meeting this weekend to do just that. Unfortunately, Battle Damaged Kanka Damon is 'damaged' at the moment and needs some time to recuperate, but we hope he will join us in the next week or so.

    Don't worry Nadeem, we are all here and waiting like coiled-springs for the action to begin !!!

    All the best from an upbeat Eski Kanka Jim

  5. Anonymous11:04 am

    Interesting piece in The Hurriyet this morning.

    'Olde Boy' Gokhan Emreciksin who we all rated very highly a couple of years ago when he played for Ankaragucu, has been signed by Trabzon.

    You will recall that Fener bought him, much to our disgust at the time, but he didn't make it there. He was subsequently transferred to Konya and look where Konya is now !

    I still believe Gokhan has what it takes and I'm sure he will be a success at Trabzon. I wish him well, but not when he plays against the Ankara teams !

    All the best from Eski Kanka Jim