Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ankaragucu vs Galatasaray Match Preview !

Image above taken from The Haber.

Cengiz Topal and Captain Hurriyet Gucer both gave interviews today on the upcoming home match against Galatasaray on Sunday. The players were given a goat to sacrifice at training today which was quite disturbing to watch, even for some of the players.

Cengiz and Hurriyet were both saying the teams preperations for the game are coming along well, the players are getting sharper and they can take points in this game. Captain Hurriyet made a very good point in that our players hadnt trained in a long time which effected the start of the season. We have some good young players and after a better performance at the weekend Ankaragucu are hoping to build on that.

Who could forget last seasons Victories over Galatasaray both Home and Away ? The first game was in Istanbul where we took the lead early on in the game through Metin Akan. Ozgur Cek, Stanislav Sestak and Turgut Dogan Sahin scored second half goals with Milan Baros scoring a double for Galatasaray. The return game in Ankara saw Ankaragucu fight back from 2-1 down late on to win 3-2 thanks to a fantastic hat-trick from Stanislav Sestak.

The likes Of Sestak, Metin Akan and Marek Sapara are all gone as we know, but as Captain Hurriyet said, we do have some good young players in Ozgur Cek, Turgut Dogan Sahin and Tonia Tisdell. One thing is for sure, if we are going to take anything from the game we need to tighten up at the back, and take any chances that come our way.

Young Tonia Tisdell has had a good start to the season, and he will be our Key Player along with the likes of Ozden Ongun and Jan Rajnoch. For Galatasaray, Fatih Terim has added many players to his squad as they look to improve on a disastrous season last term. Felipe Melo, Albert Reira and Milan Baros are all dangerous players but Galatasaray are weak at the back and Tonia has the pace to cause them trouble.

I have taken one of Jim's Optomism pills and im going for a 1-0 win for Ankaragucu with Tonia scoring the winner. Inshallah !!!


  1. Anonymous7:47 pm

    thanks for the good report Nadeem, hope our new players can overcome their inferiority problem against istanbul teams,apart from this i am hopeful as well,because according to the latest reports from players, they all seem be to be well motivated. And also possible 3 points from galatasaray will help the club resurrect again... Cengiz Topel should give extra attention to this match..

  2. In other news, Ankaragucu have been fined 30,000 Turkish Lira due to the trouble between the tribunes at the Sivas game. Were in enough debt as it is without this rubbish. Behave

  3. Are GS weak in the back? They have Servet, Ujfalusi and Eboue not to mention probably one of the two best goalkeepers in the Superlig. They have only allowed four goals in four matches if I'm not mistaken. Theirs may not be the best defense in the league, but I wouldn't say they are weak.

    On the other hand, we are extremely weak. I'm going with a 2-0 win for Galatasaray. I hope I am the one to eat my words though. :)

  4. For a team looking to win the title four goals conceded in four games isnt a great statistic. Im not a fan of Servet either. Ujfalusi is a good defender but getting on a bit and eboue is good going forward but not the greatest at defending.

    Although i agree with you regarding our defence, we are very week lol

  5. lets hope so Onur, when Hurriyet mate his first appearance for Ankaragucu against Galatasaray we won 3-0 with a team similar in standard to the one we have the now. Anything is possible.

  6. Finally, a match we can win!

  7. Nadeem,

    I'm not talking about whether GS's defense is that of a Champions League level team. I am saying they are easily strong enough to fare well in the league, and more than strong enough to easily deal with our offense.

    After reading the nonsense spouted by Cengiz Topel Yıldırım recently, I'm even less assured of our getting out of the fix that we are in.

    Anything is possible, but a loss on our part is faaaaaaar more probable.I stick by my prediction.

    However, as I indicated above, I will be more than happy to be proven wrong.

  8. Anonymous9:57 pm

    Hey Guys, thanks for all the laughs tonight reading all your predictions. Some of you should change professions and become comedians !!

    As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I've thrown all my optimism pills out and have cancelled my regular order for the remainder of the 1st half of the season ! My Chemist is praying that Ankaragucu has a revival so that he can renew my order in the 2nd half !!

    I'm with Battle Damaged all the way on this one. Put quite simply .... we're gonna get stuffed !

    However, I'm sure we are both ready, willing and able to eat our words if necessary ?!

    All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

  9. I can't see any way that Ankaragucu can get past Galatasaray. By the way, where were the Ankaragucu kankas on the weekend. Sir Eski was ill. The rest of you lot?

  10. Unfortunately, I wasn't feeling so well either, Oz. Nadeem was in Glascow, I believe; John's mate Simon had just arrived from abroad and needed help moving in. Tansu is still busy at fathering, and Harun after having seen the Sivas match was probably just too damn demoralized.

  11. Anonymous10:34 am

    Mmmmmmmm.... on a scale of 1 to 10 I would give Damon's 'feeble' excuses a score of ........ ZERO !!!

    btw, good luck to Dublin Neil's team tonight at While Hart Lane. You will recall I'm sure that Neil is an ex-player for the Shamrock Rovers. Hope they give Spurs the shock of their lives !!

    All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

  12. James Hoca is a tough grader. Watch out Büyük Kolej students!

  13. have some faith Kankas. I stand by my words damon, Galatasaray have a good midfield and good attacking players, but there defence is a weak point. Muslera in goal is a very good goalkeeper but he is well known for his disastrous mistakes.

    Im sticking with my 1-0 win hahaha

  14. And I'm sticking by us losing two nil, and I'm being conservative. It could well be a blow out. We'll have to see. Not long now though. The wait is almost over.

    If we do, by some miracle, walk away with the win, there will be some serious celebrating to be done. :)