Sunday, September 11, 2011

It's going to be a long long season

That Ankaragucu are going to struggle this year is obvious due the political struggle over who runs the place as well as the club's massive debts. That Genclerbirligi are going to struggle this year is is obvious due to the lack of a political struggle over who runs the place as well as the club's lack of massive debts.

Samsunspor 3 - 2 Genclerbirligi

It was great to be back at the Beer Bus but instead of the normal excitement that comes with the start of a new season most of the Gencler fans were depressed even before a ball had been kicked. The main reason of course is that we have completely failed to sign anyone of any substance, just a couple of young kids from the lower divisions and a couple of almost pensionable journeymen.

I was the only Kanka there but there was a decent show from other Gencler fans with us inside for our match, the Besiktas fans outside where the TV was showing the so-called "main match" and the Ankaragucu Kankas next door at the Chopin.

Kick-off and .... er ... where was Harbuzi, Zec and Azofeifa? They were all on the bench! We waved our heads in disbelief and it was Samsun who started off best. Admitedly we did get the first chance on goal but Mununga failed to really get hold of a ball and the Samsun keeper saved it instinctively.

After that, well, I haven't seen such an atrocious display from Gencler since, er... probably last season. Our defence was totally disorganised and Samsun were able to get passes through to free attackers time and again. It wasn't long before we were 3-0 down. Depressed, depressed, depressed.

Three-nil down and the Gencler fans don't have much to celebrate.

Half time and a quick visit next door to visit the Ankaragucu Kankas and then back again for more torture.

The surprising thing was that Gencler started to play some decent footy. Sure Samsun were sitting on a massive lead and weren't playing to much attacking football but still, Gencler's second half performance at least gives us a little bit of hope.

Azofeifa was brought on in the 40th minute replacing the young Efsan Geckin. You had to feel sorry for the 18 year-old. It was his first match in the Super Lig and here he was being taken off at 3-0 down inside the first half.

Back to the second half and Gencler started looking good, at least compared to the dismal first-half performance. Then in the 50th-something minute we got a free kick about 30 yards out. Azofeifa then pulled off a great feet by curling the ball low around the wall and into the net that the goalkeeper could only watch.

Slightly happier after Azofeifa's goal.

Time for a fightback and Gencler looked like they were up for it. At the same time though too many passes were being wasted and the team didn't look like they had played a lot together.

Not long before the end and Azofeifa floated a lovely corner into the middle where Burak Ozsurac got his head onto it and into the goal. 3-2 and there was the slightest chance we might get an equaliser.

And boy was it close... A few close shaves and then what would have been a killer blow to the Samsun fans. The Samsun keeper had picked up the ball and was killing time by throwing the ball on the ground in order to send it flying. He didn't realise though that Soner was behind him racing. Soner stole the ball and had a reaction shot, only for a defender to come racing back and clear it. Arrrrggghhhhh

And that was that. As I said before this could be a very long season.


  1. Anonymous7:19 pm

    Nice to see a half-smile back on Oz Kanka's face after Gencler's 2nd half fight back.

    Perhaps Gencler will struggle this season but, in my opinion, it is Ankaragucu who is the likelier team to be in the relegation dog fight come the end of the season !

    So says pessimistic Eski Kanka Jim

  2. Brilliant report, Chris--esp. the opening. We may all have to suffer mediocre football this season, but at least the writing is great.