Monday, October 24, 2011


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

After all the euphoria of last weeks' performance in Trabzon, it was 'as you were' again last night in Ankara. Ankaragucu's capitulation to an efficient, but average, Orduspor was disturbing. On last night's performance we can look forward to Thursday night's match away to Manisa with trepidation (and without the inspirational leadership of Captain Hurriyet !).

Ankaragucu 0 Orduspor 2

Team -

Guven, Aydin, Rajnoch and Ozgur
Serdar, Weeks, Hurriyet and Kagan
Tonia and Turgut

Substitutes used - Atilla, Cerny and Murat

It was all smiles though when Battle Damaged Kanka Damon and I met up at The Chopin Bar with yours truly predicting a 2-0 win for Ankaragucu, and that without optimism pills !

Off to the Stadium where we met up with Cider Kanka John, Yankee Kanka and Huso Kanka. A fantastic turn-out for a team propping up the league with all the tribunes (including Ordu's) full.

Ankaragucu started fairly slowly in comparision to last week and the match was finely balanced for the first 15 minutes, until 'olde boy' Fatih Tekke pounced on a howler of a mistake in the Ankaragucu penalty area. The ball was crossed from the right to left and then crossed into the danger area with Bora and Rajnoch well placed to clear the danger. However, with Bora poised to collect the ball and make a routine save, Rajnoch decided to stick his foot out to intercept and the ball broke to Fatih who walked it in for probably the easiest goal he's ever scored !

Where was the communication between Bora and Rajnoch, and who was at fault ? No matter. The damage was done and Ordu's tail was up.

Ordu saw out the half easily and their tall defenders had the measure of the diminutive Tonia and Serdar for all the high balls and corners which were floated in, more in hope than anything else. It was not difficult to see why Ordu has the best defensive record in the League !

The 2nd half was barely a few minutes old when another calamity struck. With an Ordu attacker put through in the penalty box and lining up a shot, it appeared that he was brought down by Hurriyet. From our angle on the opposite side of the Stadium it looked like Hurriyet climbed all over him and brought him down. The referee obviously agreed with that assessment and brought out his red card for Hurriyet and pointed to the spot. Stancu sent Bora the wrong way and then it was two.

btw, shortly after this incident, a friend phoned to say that, having watched the replay, it was not a penalty. Small comfort for Hurriyet unless the TFF decide to rescind his red card, but on past form, that is unlikely.

From this point in the match depression set-in and how it remained at 0-2 only God knows ! Ankaragucu threatened to score only once when Tonia came bursting through, but he delayed his shot for a fraction of a second which made his angle more acute. Fornezzi saved his first effort and his 2nd effort from the re-bound was cleared.

Into the last 5 minutes and Gecikondu and the Ordu Fans decided to have a 'love-in' singing each others songs back and forth to each other. Comical, but it certainly beats the shit out of throwing insults and other more dangerous objects !!

So to Thursday and Ankaragucu travel to a much improved Manisa team from last season. Sitting pretty in 6th position, they also have a good defensive record and Ankaragucu will need to put in a vastly improved perfomance to break it down. Still waiting for the KO time which I'll put in the comments section of this post when known. Watching the match in The Chopin.

Ankaragucu is beginning to lose touch with the teams in the relegation zone. As if it wasn't obvious, the future looks bleak !

btw, Damon mentioned on Facebook today that Gecikondu and Maraton turned their backs to play in the 2nd half for about 5 minutes in a 'mini protest'. You will no doubt be pleased to hear that we didn't join them ??!! I personally think that this type of behaviour is counter productive to players morale. A better form of 'protest' would be to shout encouragement to the players for more effort, or is that being too logical. Agreed ??

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. You can judge for yourself on the penalty decision here

    The first goal by the way was almost the same as I saw in Little Oz Kanka's match a week or so ago, with Little Oz playing the part of Rajnoch. Difference was that Little Oz Kanka's team was 3-0 up at the time.

  2. As for Thursday night's matches. As we have darts on I'll be watching at the Red Lion. Gencler KO is 6pm, Gucu match KO is 8:30pm

  3. im going to be a bit controversial here and stick up for the Gecekondu and Maraton. Yes i agree the fans need to encourage the team and get behind them, and to be fair they done that by turning up to the game in numbers despite only having 1 point to date.

    But in return they got a half hearted performance from the players and yet again stupid school boy mistakes as oz kanka has pointed out. They deserve criticism for that performance where they deserved praise for last weeks performance.

    Hurruyet needs to start concentrating on passing the ball to his team mates and winning the ball , instead of running about grabbing and fouling people. The defence need to take responsibility as do the midfield. Tonia and Serdar as Jim pointed our were left with high balls against the huge orduspor defence.

    Rant over, but the players are much better than what they showed on sunday and they need a big perforamance against Manisa, although i wouldnt hold my breath.

  4. What a depressing experience it was watching that match after having been teased by the team's performance away to Trabzon.

    --In the dumps Kanka Damon

    P.S. I want to add a little something to Nadeem's post from a week or so back: not only does Orduspor's management know how to get organized and support their team financially; not only do the fans know how to boost their team's morale; but the fans also know how to make friends and influence people. I'll be damned if by the end of the match Gecekondu weren't chanting for Orduspor. What a success story this team is.

  5. yeah i agree damon, Mersin were the team who looked interesting when they first came up but Its Orduspor who are making all the noise.

    They brought a good support , have built a good team and doing good stuff of the park,


    We had Mustafa Aydin on the bench at the weekend, surely not the same mustafa aydin who was nearly killed in a car crash and in a coma for months?

  6. Anonymous10:25 am

    Looking at Oz Kanka's link, I reluctantly have to agree with the referee, and don't forget that he didn't have the benefit of a replay !!

    All the best from Eski Kanka Jim