Friday, October 28, 2011


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Another day, another defeat. So, what's new ?

Last night Ankaragucu laboured their way through their 8th league match without a recognised striker and the writing on the wall is now there for all to see, if you haven't noticed already. With only Tonia showing any danger to the Manisa defence, he was banging his head against a brick wall !

Manisa 2 Ankaragucu 0

Team -

Ugur, Ediz, Aydin and Guven
Weeks, Kagan and Rajnoch
Umit and Ozgur

Substitutes used - Atilla, Serdar and Murat

Battled Damaged Kanka Damon, Kaleci Kanka Tansu and I met in The Red Lion Club to watch the match more in hope than expectation. My pre-match prediction of a stalemate was looking good and I was thinking that, under the present circumstances, one point would be acceptable.

Well, my prediction was blown (not for the first time as Oz Kanka mentioned in the previous post) 10 minutes before the break when Ozgur had a rush of blood to the head when he decided to upend a Manisa player at the edge of the penalty area when there was no danger of the player doing any damage. Penalty !

What he was thinking about only he knows ! 'Olde Boy' Murat Erdogan stepped forward and despatched it with clinical precision.

No way back for Ankaragucu without a strike force I thought, and once again so it proved.

The 2nd goal arrived halfway through the 2nd half and once again we witnessed schoolboy defending. The ball was played out of the Manisa half with 3 forwards chasing the ball. There was only ONE Ankaragucu defender on the half way line and he was left behind trailing in the wake of the 3 attackers as they played one-twos towards Bora. He had no chance with Yigit slotting in for a simple goal to kill the game.

Yigit celebrated the goal by removing his shirt and 5 minutes later he received another yellow card and off he went for an early bath !

Could this be the springboard for an Ankaragucu onslaught against the 10 men we thought ? Answer ............ NO ! Without any significant support up front, Tonia tried a few long range efforts which were off target and Serdar had a shot near the final whistle which hit the post.

Manisa is a team in the same category as last week's opponents, Ordu. Efficient, but average, and this puts this Ankaragucu team's league position into perspective !

I honestly can't see any light at the end of the tunnel for this Ankaragucu team unless it is significantly strengthened in the January transer window. It may even be too late at that stage unless a few wins are put together before then.

So, no need to mention how important Sunday's match is against Istanbul BBS. Meeting in The Chopin at 5pm and going to the Stadium at 6pm for the 7pm KO.

Say a prayer for Ankaragucu !!

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. where do i even start ??? now i can accept been beaten off trabzon, galatasaray, Bursa etc but against shite like manisaspor, orduspor, mersin and sivasspor i cant.

    Our manager has a back four and goalkeeper who were the same ones as last season, in midfield serdar, hurriyet, ozgur, theo and kagan are all regulars and up front we have a fantastic young player in tonia. Now we are missing adem, sestak and sapara no doubt but he should be doing better than what we have given. utter pish as they say back here.

    As for the elections, cemal aydin has withdrawn his membership and erdal sanli has put his name forward saying he will lift a ban on transfers in january.

  2. Anonymous8:56 pm

    Say a prayer,touch wood, cross your fingers and indeed everything else.It really is extremely serious now, even at this early stage.
    Still, here's a couple of positives.For one, despite the miserable start by Ankaragucu there are five other teams still in single figures points wise who obviously havent set the world alight thus far.Secondly, and maybe more importantly, there is a common trend in many leagues around the world for the three newly promoted teams into the top flight to start brightly but then fall away somewhat dramatically in the second half of the season in comparison.Ordu cannot stay at the top of the table I dont believe and the other two are already struggling somewhat.
    I know you will say that its Ankaragucu's OWN problems that concern you most but at the moment thats the best I can come up with in relation to optimism.

    Dublin Neil.

  3. If any politicians are reading this blog I'd advise you to employ Dublin Neil quick smart. The ability to spin a horrible situation into one that doesn't seem too bad seems to be his speciality.

  4. i just cant see it neil, one good performance in 8 games, a manager who doesnt look like he knows what hes doing and with no striker.

    As jim said if we can keep within touching distance till january then bring players in maybe, but we need a win as of sunday

  5. Anonymous10:12 am

    Agree with Chris re Neil's potential as a politician. Unfortunately, Ireland has just appointed a new Prime Minister so we'll have to wait a few more years yet to see his name in lights !!!

    Nadeem, get yirsell tae the Kirk th' moarns mornin and say a prayer for Aaaaaakaaaarrrraaaagooojoo !!!

    All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

  6. Anonymous12:13 pm

    Right, thats the last time I try to cheer you lot up!My future Presidency is officially on hold, now I return to being a Man of the People:

    "Ankaragucu are well and truly fcuked.Conceding goals left right and centre.No spirit, cohesion or direction on or off the pitch.In total disarray.No goal threat themselves.Certain relegation coming up and indeed if things dont change next summer the Bank Aysa league is going to be a struggle.Could be years before we return to the Super League."

    Now folks are we happier with that appraisal?Maybe its an accurate one but surely you dont throw in the towel now, at the end of October?
    Would you want the players to?

    Right, now where did I leave those campaign posters and placards...........?!

    Dublin Neil.

  7. Anonymous4:06 pm

    Ho ho ho ........ nice one Neil. Great to see that one (or two ?) of the kankas has a sense of humour !

    For what it's worth, Cider Kanka John and I both think that Ankaragucu will turn the corner tomorrow and stuff Istanbul BBS yesssssssss !!

    All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

  8. you been smoking the hashish again jim ? neils second coming is more likely than the first :-(

  9. Anonymous5:44 pm

    Naw naw naw Nadeeem. Nae hash in Turkey ??!!

    A will admit tae somethin tho...... a had a wee dram o' the Laphroaig th' nicht and noo am oan the Efffffesssssss !!!!

    Prediction ..... Ankaragucu 2 Istanbul BBS 0

    Yessssssssssssssss !!!

    All the best frae Islay Malt luvvirrrr Jim

  10. well done to the Hibees today holding to celtic to a draw at parkhead. Motherwell now extend there place in second to 4 points and rangers go 12 clear :-)

  11. Anonymous7:55 pm

    There is only one team who can stop Rangers running away wi' the league and that is ....... HIBERNIAN ............ yessssssss !!

    Bring 'em on I say !!!!

    btw, I've had too many 'uppers' tonight, ie, Laphroaig and Effffesssssss !!!

    All the best from The Pride O' Edinburgh Boy

  12. Eski, Alcohol is actually a depressant, but given the possible interaction with your optimism pills maybe it has the opposite effect.

  13. Anonymous12:48 pm

    Well, that just proves what a lot of people have always thought ....... Eski isn't a normal person !!!

    Let's have more 'uppers' tonight and celebrate a great Aaaaankaaaarrrrraaaagooojoooo victoreeeee yesssssssss.

    All the best from Abnormal Eski

  14. Anonymous1:51 pm

    Have you ever considered a career in football commentary Jim?I'd say you'd give those Brazilian Gooooooollllllll boys a run for their money!

    Dublin Neil

  15. Anonymous3:04 pm

    You and Oz Kanka have given me an idea Neil.

    Why don't we both offer our services to the Club to fill the void of strikers ? With you and me up front and Tonia and Serdar to supply the ammo we might even end up in the Europa Cup slot instead of talking about relegation !!!!

    Any 'sensible' comments ???