Sunday, October 30, 2011

Live radio blogging! Ankaragucu v Istanbul BBS

Pre-match: Things aren't looking great for Ankaragucu. One point after eight matches. I just left the Chopin Bar where I shared a couple of beers with Sir Eski Kanka who was not in the best of moods. He is probably now in the stadium. The big news of the day was broken by Bellshill Kanka a few hours ago... Rajnoch may well have already left the club. More news soon. First I'm going to grab a beer and some Chilli Con Carne which I cooked up last night. Back soonish.

Still pre-match: Please send any comments via twitter @ankaraozkanka or via the comments section below. Last week we had a record three comments during the actual match! Three more than ever before.

7:06 pm: Ohhh yum. I love my Chilli Con Carne. Anyway I assume the Ankaragucu match has kicked off, not that we would know it. Oh yes we do know it as they have just crossed to the 19 Mayis.

7:08 pm A coldish night in Ankara. And yes, Bellshill Kanka was right. No Rajnoch.

7:12 pm It seems as if both sides have had a chance but the first goal comes from the other match this evening. Besiktas has gone 1-0 up over Sivas. In matches earlier today: Galatasaray 2-0 Kayserispor and Bursaspor 0-0 Manisa.

7:21 pm Not much news from TRT radio. As always they are concentrating on the Besiktas match. Tha Ankaragucu fans sound like they are in good voice though.

7:23 pm Lucky chance for Ankaragucu as an Istanbul player got through but hit it out when he was almost one-on-one with Gucu's keeper Ozden.

7:27 pm GOAL!!!! Hurriyet scores with a header. Ankaragucu 1 - 0 Istanbulspor A great team effort as the ball went through various players. Could this be Ankaragucu's first win of the season?

7:31 pm Short but sweet message from Sir Eski at the match "Guven up front works".

7:32 pm Gucu's Ugur gets a red card for handball in the box. Penalty to come. Huge boos from the crowd and.............. SAVED. Ozden saves and a huge roar goes up. Ankaragucu are now down to 10 men though. Sir Eski says that the ball was going in if it hadn't been for the hand ball.

7:36 pm Looks like Ankaragucu are going to spend the rest of the match defending the lead as Sir Eski informs us that Guven has come back to cover the now Ugur who is now enjoying an early bath and an Efes.

7:43 pm Oh dear as Istanbul get an equaliser. Istanbul seem to be attacking, as have Ankaragucu but TRT were following the Istanbul match. No idea what happened but the score is now Ankaragucu 1 - 1 Istanbul BBS. This is going to be a long, tough match. The commentator says Istanbul are now all over them.

7:52 pm Half-time in both matches: Ankaragucu 1 - 1 Istanbulspor, Besiktas 1 - 0 Sivasspor. The round ball in Ankara's resident gambling expert Little Oz Kanka Matthew predicts that Istanbulspor will score another goal and win. Get onto those betting sites people and FILL YOUR BOOTS!

8:05 pm Gucu's Kaan goes on for Tisdal as the second half kicks off. Tisdal off? The only recognised striker! This could be a very long 45 minutes.

8:07 pm Oh dear, TRT Radio got the replacement wrong. It wasn't Tisdal off but in fact it was Ergen Keles. How hopeless can these guys be. The commentator said it was because he was confused by the Istanbul BBS substitution, which was the same number. Thing is, Tisdal is black, Keles certainly is not. Surely not too difficult to see that the only black player for Ankaragucu hadn't been replaced.

8:11 pm Some more messages from Sir Eski: "Goal was a typical Ankaragucu defensive mix up. But have to say I saw it coming. It's looking dangerous now." and a few minutes later. "This is the first time Eski has been on his own since 1999, Sad." Indeed. Where are you Ankaragucu kankas?

And one more: "Having problems getting out of our own half"

I think those depressive messages sum it all up. I now have to put Little Oz Kanka to bed. Back soon.

8:17 pm Good news from the other match, Sivas has equalised.

8:18 pm Sir Eski has been joined by Yankee Kanka. Ah now I feel less sorry for the old bugger. Right, now to put Little Oz to bed.

8:27 pm Little Oz is in bed and Sir Eski says Ozden deserves man of the match. A few minutes later the message is short and sweet: "Panic Stations. Man lifeboats!" Says it all really.

8:34 pm In Istanbul, Besiktas have been given a penalty and they score. Besiktas 2 - 1 Sivas

8:36 pm In all the excitement of putting Little Oz to bed I missed Battle Damaged Kanka Damon's message that Istanbul have brought on former Gucu player Metin Akan.

8:43pm "It's grim stuff. Not pretty to watch". I don't need to write anything. Sir Eski is writing this blog via text message.

8:45 pm Goal. Istanbul go on the attack. Ankaragucu try to clear but fail and in a sort of confusion in the box an Istanbul player scores from 10 metres out. It was coming. Ankaragucu 1 - 2 Istanbul BBS

8:48 pm The anger is rising at the 19 Mayis as Sir Eski reports that seats are being ripped up and thrown. @kankanadeem (on twitter, or Bellshill kanka as we know him a bit better) says: "Im starting the campaign to get ziya dogan out, 1 shot on goal even with ten men is pathetic". Somehow I think that particular campaign could get quite a few supporters after this match. By the way, Battle Damaged hasn't purposely not gone to the match, he is ill. And in Istanbul Besiktas have gone up 3-1.

8:52 pm Last seconds in the match, Istanbul are still ahead. And then ... beep, beep, beep. Final result: Ankaragucu 1 - 2 Istanbul BBS. This is Bad, bad, bad stuff for Ankaragucu. Nine played, no wins, one draw. No wonder the seats are flying at the stadium. @kankanadeem writes on twitter, "another defeat due to dreadful defending, sending offs and an inept manager. Get him out now !!!!!" Hard to disagree.

Post match: The pain and the frustration in the messages from the Ankaragucu kankas is quite obvious. Here's Battle Damaged "Well, looks like the Uğur red did not pay off. We can't even fucking manage a single point. So sad." I see Battle Damaged has already commented below and no doubt we shall get a few more some time soon. Sir Eski will probably want to calm down a bit before he jumps on here. Evening all.


  1. Awful, awful, stuff to watch. We were timing our trapping and our passing about as poorly as I have ever seen.

    Turgut Doğan tried a little Cristiano Ronaldo move only to lose the ball, but in any case still looked a wee bit better than Ergin Keleş who has a knack for being precisely in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    Weeks tried the risky pass over the good, sure pass when it wasn't necessary.

    The list could go on.

    Who is at fault? My guess is that it is the players at least as much as it is Ziya Bey. After all, they got their act together for the Trabzon match which means they are capable of it. Of course, the way the team is run overall doesn't exactly inspire high morale in the players--or us fans for that matter.

  2. Anonymous10:18 pm

    Ok lads.You are witnessing the games.The players are poor/not trying/clueless and the club have no money to spend.There's no obvious great manager out there kicking his heels who'd actually WANT the job.So, what do Ankaragucu do to improve the situation?

    Everybody knows where they are going wrong.So bearing in mind the above restrictions on the situation, how do you put things right???????

    Dublin Neil.

  3. Errr... No idea Dublin Neil. I truly think the situation is beyond repair. Which is why the idea of bringing you in has so much appeal. Seriously, I cannot see any way out for Ankaragucu.

  4. Actually, what we should really start doing is preparing for next year in second division as that is almost surely where we'll be.

    If we're smart we'll start looking for strategies to break out of there as quickly as possible.

    I mean just look at Levante. Wasn't so long ago that they were in the second division in Spain, and now they are third in La Liga and have defeated Real Madrid.

  5. Anonymous12:01 am

    But Arminia Bielefeld were in the top Bundesliga a couple of years ago and are now struggling in the third.It can go either way.

    Oz, I did manage a junior football club after I finished playing myself and we were beaten in a cup final and won promotion in my one season in charge.I left then to travel the world,including a year in Australia by the way.

    So, my managerial career was one of success, improvement and progress.Things that would obviously rule me out of the running with the top brass at Ankaragucu!

    Dublin Neil

  6. True enough, Neil. I was just trying to put a positive spin on things because I don't see any way we are going to extricate ourselves from this maelstrom.

  7. Anonymous5:15 pm

    Thanks for the Live Blog Oz - entertaining as always. Just to expand on a few points -

    The Ankaragucu goal was well constructed. The architect was Guven who made a great run into the left wing area, looked up and spotted Hurriyet unmarked running in at the back post. He then crossed over an inch perfect ball for Hurriyet to nod in for a classic goal.

    Yes, Oz was right, I honestly believed that this was the springboard to kick-start our season. However, that was until Ugur's 'wonder save' !

    Dont get me wrong. I'm not blaming Ugur entirely. The ball should beve been initially defended better, but it wasn't, and what he did was pure instinct. Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if it was a contender for 'Save of the Season' !!

    Before leaving the subject, I have to confess that I did the same thing playing for my High School team many moons ago. The only difference being that I didn't receive a red card. I had a lecture from the referee and he advised me to take up the funny shaped ball game if I preferred using hands to feet !!

    Oz clocked my mood and impressions of the match very well. It was not a pretty match in the 2nd half. All backs against the wall for Ankaragucu, and in hindsight, they deserved a draw for playing most of the match with 10 men in defensive desperation.

    However, when you are bottom of the league you have to make your own luck or fortune. There will be no magic wand to wave at the end of the season !

    Fast forward to Friday night then, and this sees a 'Six Pointer' away to Samsun, our next door neighbours in the relegation zone.

    Don't know the KO time yet but I'll put it here when known.

    Gencler play at home against Beshiktrash in the Sunday night match. BJK's recent habit of scoring an early goal must be nipped in the bud !

    All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

  8. Anonymous5:26 pm

    btw, I have to strongly disagree with some of you about your views on Ziya Bey.

    Cast your mind back to when we had the 'Yapraklar dokuldu', ie, the exodus of all our best players and our Coach, Mesut Bey. Ziya was offered the job, but turned it down.

    He was approached a 2nd time and reluctantly accepted on the understanding that the Club's debts would be cleared. I believe we are still waiting for this magical moment ?!!!

    He has therefore had to work with the remainder of the 1st team squad who remained, and try to mould the fringe players into the team.

    You don't need me to tell you that it takes 11 players plus a back-up squad to make a team, and in this league with the standard what it is, you can't afford to carry 'passengers'.

    So, what I'm saying is that Ziya Bey is obviously not a quitter (although I wouldn't blame if he did !) and he is trying to do his best with the players available to him.

    I say ....... lay off the Coach and vent your anger at the Board of Directors past and present who are responsible for this mess !!!

    In the meantime, the team has to struggle from one match to the next in the hope that some miracle happens before the January transfer window closes. Otherwise ..... !!!!

    So says Eski Kanka Jim

  9. Anonymous5:46 pm

    One other point, and really a 'point of fact' is that Tonia, Serdar, Keles and Turgut, who have all been used as strikers, are NOT recognised strikers.

    They are wingers !

    This is one of the glaring deficiences in the team. I don't need to mention the others ............ do I ??!!

    All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

  10. you make some very good points Jim and i agree with some of them. Ziya has taken on a tough job and fair play to him for that.

    However its a results driven business football and i dont expect us to be at the top half, or even mid table. I expected us to be in a relegation battle, but 1 point is disgraceful. We still have the same goalkeeper and back four as last season, the midfield has hurriyet and theo in for adem and sapara. and up front we miss sestak.

    From the first 11 we miss sestak and sapara, so two players with that quality are a big loss, but we should still be performing better against the likes of Sivas, Gencler, Istanbul bbs etc.

    Its the same poor mistakes every week by the same people.

  11. Mountaineering Kanka8:22 am

    This is heartbreaking to watch. Come on Ankara.