Monday, October 10, 2011

Ankaragucu vs Trabzonspor Match Preview !

Sunday's Friday's match will see Marek Sapara take on his former club as Trabzonspor host Ankaragucu. Robert Vittek will miss the match with another long term injury.

Last seasons matches between the two clubs saw Trabzonspor win 2-0 in Ankara thanks to Two goals from Teofilio Gutierrez. The return match in Trabzon saw the home side take the lead through Jaja Coelho, but Ankaragucu fought back through a well taken goal from Drago Gabric.

A lot has changed since then, with Trabzonspor loosing a lot of there key players like Umut Bulut, Jaja Coelho, Ibrahim Yattara and Selcuk Inan to name a few, they have been able to replace them though with players like Didier Zokora, Volkan Sen, Paulo Henrique and of course Marek Sapara to name a few.

Trabzonspor are starting to hit a bit of form now, and look much better than they did in the first few weeks. A fantastic win at Inter Milan in the San Siro was followed up with a draw at home to Lille in the champions league, and last weeks 2-0 win at Eskisehirspor showed they mean business.

Key players for Trabzonspor are Burak Yilmaz who is the leagues top scorer with 7 Goals in 4 games, and new Polish signing Andre Mierzejewski who looks a real find with his pace and skill causing problems for defenders.

Ankaragucu although full of spirit in the last game against Galatasaray need to cut out the silly goals from set pieces, and goals we loose from counter attacks. Our Key player again will be Ozden who has been on great form this season, and we will need big performances from the likes of Jan Rajnoch and Tonia Tisdell.

Its going to be tough and unfortunately i cant see this poor run stopping here, a comfortable win for Trabzonspor is all i can see from Sundays game.

The one thing I would like to add is that although we are in big trouble this season, and the football on show is hard to watch, the club needs us, the fans need to stick behind the team and encourage them, who knows what can happen. If we can show the same commitment that we did against Galatasaray but tighten up at the back and finish our chances then nothing is impossible. As the great man Marvin Andrews once said KEEP BELIEVING !


  1. Touching on what i was saying about the fans backing the club. Cengiz Topal was saying today that last weeks Eskisehirspor vs Trabzonspor match there were 6000 fans, Gaziantepspor vs Besiktas there were 3000 fans, and Ankaragucu vs Galatasaray there were 17,000 fans !!

    Incredible support considering whats happening. Just imagine the potential this club has if its run properly ?

  2. We said before that the fans would follow this team into the ground...seems to be ringing true.

  3. Well, given that a lot of the fans come from social classes that are used to being downtrodden, their loyalty and commitment in the face of failure are not so surprising.

    And, yes, I do sometimes try to imagine the potential a well run Ankaragücü would have. Hopefully we will all live to see that day.

  4. Anonymous10:36 am

    Nadeem, my information is that the match is on Friday KO 8pm. I don't think that has changed. Do you have information that it has been re-scheduled ?

    Interesting post and comments. The Ankaragucu tribunes will always support the team when they give the commitment and effort which I mentioned last week. The fans are not blind and I'm sure that most of them, including us, will follow the team to the Bank Asya League as long as they continue to show that 'never say die' spirit.

    Don't forget that we have 'sometimes' seen Gecikondu turn their backs on the match when it seemed that the players heads went down and they had surrendered the match before the final whistle !!

    I'm sure the present players are well aware of the pressure which will build up throughout the course of the season. They will not want to be associated with the team that took Ankaragucu to the 2nd League. Professional pride will see to that !

    All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

  5. Match KO is indeed 8pm on Friday.

  6. Mountaineering Kanka2:09 pm

    Is this finally the season where the curse of the Gokceks fully manifests itself? I hope not. Think I need some optimism pills.

  7. sorry my mistake lads, i read Jims post wrong and thought the game was sunday. Game is Friday

  8. Anonymous9:43 pm

    lets hope the best but in any case if we lose the
    game it wont hurt much this time...

  9. Anonymous5:36 pm

    Going into this match everyone, but everyone, is predicting a stroll in the park for Trabzon.

    Is this attitude hurting the Ankaragucu players pride ? Do they have the bottle to get stuck into Trabzon from the off and surprise them with their will to win attitude ?

    Stranger things have happened, why ..... even Raith Rovers beat Hibs when Pontious was a Pilot !!!

    All that said WITHOUT optimism pills !!

    All the best from The Believer in Miracles ..... Eski Kanka Jim

  10. cant see it Jim, i fear the worst when Aydin comes up against Burak Yilmaz. Stranger things have happened but you never know.

  11. Anonymous8:02 pm

    Dont think Raith Rovers beating Hibs can be considered strange these days Jim?!

    Dublin Neil.

  12. After that performance from Ankaragücü last night, I think we really can keep believing. I feel hopeful for the first time this season. We may have lost but we gave them one hell of a fight.

  13. Anonymous10:15 am

    Ouch ...... that was below the belt Neil !! I hope Hibs make you eat your words today when they stuff effinMotherwell !

    Agree with Damon. A great performance from all the Ankaragucu players last night. Report will be up tonight ...... have to go in a few mins to watch the funny shaped ball and support WHales !!

    Right after that is the Big Yin in Ingallind with Liverpool hoping to knock ManYoo off their perch.

    All the best from Eski Kanka Jim