Monday, April 30, 2012


Greetings Kankas and Kankies. Isn't it amazing how things can change so quickly in footie ? 9 months ago it was Ankaragucu giving Ordu a footie lesson in the TRT Cup, but yesterday the boot was on the other foot (excuse the pun !!). Ankaragucu was given a lesson in clinical finishing and can have no complaints about the final score.

ANKARAGUCU 0 Orduspor 3

 Team - Bayram, Orhan, Volkan, Umit, Ishak, Bilal, Veli, Serkan, Mert, Hasan and Gokhan. Substitutes -

Teoman, Oguzhan and Metin Battle Damaged Kanka Damon and I met up in the Stadium and it was another case of who was absent rather than who was present - an eerie empty stadium again.

The 200+ Gecikondu Boys kept the singing going during the match and at one stage they had another one of their love-ins with the 100+ Ordu fans in the away end. Ankaragucu played reasonably well in the first half and could easily have gone in 4-0 up, but for some poor finishing and two great saves from Fevzi. It wasn't all Ankaragucu though and Bayram was called into action a few times to keep Ankaragucu in the match. 

Obviously, the Ordu Coach said some choice words to his team at the interval because they came out a different team. They were stroking the ball around and making Ankaragucu chase the game. Then 10 minutes in and the normally reliable Bayram made a shocking error of judgement. An Ordu corner was swung over into a crowded penalty box. Bayram came out of his area and punched the ball straight to Javito lurking about 30 yards out and he first timed it in with Bayram stranded and no defender on the goal line !

It was constant pressure from Ordu now who were buzzing and going for the jugular. Then on the 58 minute mark following a spell of Ordu sustained attacking there were 2 corners. Bayram saved a header from the first one which he managed to tip over the bar. However, from the 2nd corner, Bayram came for the ball, missed it, and with no defender on the goal line (again !), Garcia had the simplest of headers in for No2. 

With 15 minutes to go, Ordu was cruising, and at that point I decided to go to the toilet - I said to Damon that Ankaragucu always score when I'm there !! Unfortunately, the goal went in at the other end when, after some bad defending, the impressive Bruno easily beat Bayram to wrap things up. Ordu ran the clock down and the match petered out. So, Ankaragucu more or less kissed goodbye to what slim hopes they might have had to progress further in The Mickey Mouse Cup.

 The remaining matches could be an opportunity for Hakan Kutlu to experiment with some more Youth Team players. I think the next round of matches will be played midweek as follows - Wednesday 2 May - Gencler v Kayseri Thursday 3 May - Ordu v Ankaragucu However, I'll confirm this in the comments section with KO times when I'm sure. PS ..... Sorry about the paragraph thingie - the new blog is supposed to be an improvement, but ..... it's not !!! All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. thanks again for the report jim, Hakan Kutlu said the first half performance is the best this young team have played.

    I understand the reasons why people are not going to the game, but its pathetic the amount of empty seats and just how low the crowd is.

  2. I disagree Bellshill Kanka in that I don't think it is pathetic that no one is going to the games.

    In a pre-season comp with nothing to play for, numbers will always be smaller than the normal season but there will be interest from serious fans about who are the new players etc.

    In a post-season comp, with no new players and absolutely nothing to play for, I see no reason why anyone would have any interest at all.

    The only reason I can see why it would be good to go to one of these matches is the lovely weather we are having at the moment.

  3. Agree about the good weather and ...... the inducement of post-match 'refreshments' !!!

    Speaking purely with regard to the Ankaragucu matches, the reason why Damon and I are going is to lend support to this Youth Team and to give them the encouragement that they so richly deserve.

    We may as well enjoy the Mickey Mouse Cup matches because, as I've said before here, it will certainly be no picnic in the Bank Asya League next season if there are no 'names' coming in to strengthen the team.

    1. Barnsy1:50 am

      So things don't get any better at Gucu?

      It's easy to knock those who don't go. Let's hope the future is brighter for Ankara's 'best'.

  4. Sure Jimbo. I'm not attacking fans like yourselves who are actually going to the matches, I'm just saying that you can't really blame anyone for not bothering to go.

  5. i know what your saying oz, but its not just this micky mouse cup that the fans have stayed away. Apart from Gecekondu the other tribunes havent been going. Jim and damon are about as loyal as you get.

    I know these are tough times and i get why they are staying away as they know the money is filling cemal aydins pockets, but i feel for the players.

    btw oz, how do we sort this paragraph issue ?

  6. Tonight (Wednesday) 19 Mayis Stadium -

    Gencler v Kayseri - KO 6pm

    If Gencler win this one then they will be favourites to win their Group.

    Time for Oz Kanka to report on The Mickey Mouse Cup me thinks !!!!

  7. I'm not sure what problem you guys are having with the paragraphs. Just make sure you are in "compose" not "html" when you are editing your piece.