Sunday, April 15, 2012

Cemal Aydin and Melih Gokcek at war !

Picture taken from HaberTurk

Melih Gokcek this week stated that he wants to come back to Ankaragucu as president, but only if Cemal Aydin and his men resign. Gokcek claims he is saddened what has happened to Ankaragucu and blames Cemal Aydin for what has happened.

As expected Cemal Aydin has hit back and is blaming The Gokceks for the financial mess at Ankaragucu and debts which reach £50 Million. So who do we believe ? Do any of them have it in them to save Ankaragucu ?

For me I don't trust any of them, I think the Gokceks have put Ankaragucu more into debt, but they look like they are the only ones who can also get us out of this mess. Who else can come in and save us ? Turkish Football forbids any foreign ownership. Cemal on the other hand, hasn't got the money to get Ankaragucu out of this mess, but would rather see the club die than hand it over to The Gokceks.

It really is one big mess, the next congress will take place next month so it will be another interesting wait to see who will run for the elections. Will Cemal step down ? will the gokceks run for elections ?


  1. I honestly can't see any light at the end of the tunnel Nadeem.

    I have therefore resigned myself to supporting the Ankaragucu 'Youth Team' in the Bank Asya League and hoping for a season of consolidation rather than another relegation battle.

    However, miracles have been known to happen and that is what Ankaragucu needs to get out of this apparent impasse.

  2. Me neither Jim, Cemal Aydin today claimed he wants to settle the accounts at Ankaragucu, but Melih Gokcek wants him to resign so he can take control.

    Just do the right thing and walk away now cemal aydin, do us all a favour , you have done enough damage

  3. Mountaineering Kanka7:14 am

    I wish they would just kill each other... simultaneously.

  4. I am with Mountaineering Kanka on this one, and, for the record, we were both predicting a disaster when the Gökçeks took over. I wish we hadn't been right, but here we are in the middle of this mess.

    I can understand that some people see the Gökçeks as our only way out, but I don't think allowing the Gökçeks back in is in the long-term interest of the club. I didn't trust them before, and I trust them even less now.

  5. i agree with what your saying damon, i hate the guy as well. But the problem we have is if he doesnt come in then the club will die. Unless there are rich Ankaragucu fans out there who will come in and clear £50 million of debt ?