Monday, January 05, 2015

Mehmet Yiginer set for return to Ankaragucu!

Mehmet Yiginer could be set for a sensational return to Ankaragucu after declaring tonight that he will be a candidate at the upcoming Congress this coming Saturday. Yiginer resigned as Ankaragucu President just over a month ago due to pressure from the fans and a lack of help from the government and businessmen.

What has changed? Well tonight Yiginer claimed that due to Ahmet Gokcek paying the 22 Million tax bill he has now changed his mind and wants to stay at the club. It remains to be seen if there will be any other candidates at this stage.

So what does this mean to the future of Ankaragucu? As usual we don't have a bloody clue, on one hand its positive that Yiginer wants to remain at the club and try and keep it alive, on the other hand Yiginer is a Gokcek man and as Harun has warned so many times he can not be trusted. It all just sounds a bit fishy to me.

Anyway we will see what Saturday brings, all the latest developments will be posted her and on our official Facebook page.

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  1. Yes, I can understand Harun's scepticism, but on the other hand, what are the other options ?

    We have no other choice but to accept Mehmet Bey's obvious love of the Club and hopefully his connection with IMG will prove fruitful. Why else would he agree to return ?

    His aim must be to clear the debts and keep Ankaragucu in the 2nd League at all costs. What follows will be a major re-building exercise.

    Let's try and be positive and hopefully some good news will come out at the Congress on Saturday !