Tuesday, March 20, 2018


Greeting Kankas and Kankies.

Remember when Ankaragucu was languishing in the 2nd League for a few years ?    How many times have we all said that there are no easy matches ?    Hmmm ..... yes, many times !

However, the same applies in the PTT Championship League, and even more so !     For example, cast your mind back to a few weeks agao and see how long it took Ankaragucu to prise open bottom of the league Gaziantepspor's defence !!

So, here we are with only 6 matches to go and we are within touching distance of returing to the Super League.

Can we do it ?    Will we have and end to the transfer ban, and more importantly, will we have the dosh to strengthen the team if we do ?   All these questions remain for the future !

So, to those 6 matches and there is only one of them, in my opinion, which can resonably be counted as a 'winner take all' at this stage, and that is the away match agaisnt Umraniye.   All the others are within Ankaragucu's grasp as winable !

1 April - Away to Denizlispor
8 April - Home to Giresun
15 April - Away to Umraniye
22 April - Home to Gazisehir
29 April - Away to Manisa
6 May - Home to Adana Demirspor

Squeaky bum time approaches !!!!

Thoughts ??     Opinions ??

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. On paper, Ankaragucu look to have the easiest of the run ins. Six cup finals left between now and the end of the season to clinch our destiny back to the Super Lig. The transfer ban will be lifted as Ankaragucu can use the TV money and prize money to pay that off.

    These players have a chance to create a bit of history like the Turkish Cup winning teams and always be remembered as the team who took the club back to the top.

    With Putsila, Nduka and Tonia all back we are in good shape to mount that challenge, the only thing that matters is finishing in the top 2 though

  2. Well said Nadeem. Spot on as usual.

    Finishing 2nd will still generate a huge celebration in Ankara, but to win the league will be the icing on the top !

    Let's start this journey with a win in Denizli !!!

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